Use filters to analyze feedback and gain better insight into responses.

From your workspace in Insights, select Add Filter to select and apply a filter. You can choose a filter from the following types.

Filter typeDescription
Score QuestionFilter by responses to a NPS, Rating, or Mood question.
Choice QuestionFilter by responses to a Single Choice, Multi-Choice, or Polar Choice question.
MetadataFilter by Custom Variables, the URL they took the survey from, or the Browser they used to take the survey.
Open Text AnswersFilter by comment keywords or phrases using Open Text Search, or filter by comment Sentiment.
LabelsFilter by the labels applied to your feedback.

Admin users can save workspace filters to use the filtered view by default. The saved filter applies to anyone using the workspace.

To save filters in a workspace:

  1. Apply filters to your workspace.
  2. Select Save Filters at the top of the screen.
  3. Review your filters, then select Save.

Anyone who views your workspace views the saved filter. They can adjust the filter to see different views, but they can’t edit or remove the saved filter. Admin users can change and remove saved filters.

In the Feedback page, you can filter feedback using the left-side panel.

  • To view web button feedback, select Feedback under Buttons & Forms.
  • To view in-page widget feedback, select Feedback under In-Page Widgets.
Filter typeDescription
DateFilter by the submitted date.
Feedback ButtonIf you have multiple feedback buttons, show responses sent through a specific button only.
StarShow starred responses.
Marked AsView New, Read, or Archived responses.
LabelShow responses with a certain label applied.
Assignee, Status, Priority (Feedback management tools)Filter by the Assignee, Status, or Priority.
Feedback TypeShow only Generic or Specific feedback. Generic feedback is left for the entire webpage. Specific feedback is left on one element of your website.
Score FiltersFilter by Mood Rating or NPS score.
CommentView feedback with comments that include or exclude a keyword or phrase.
To only show feedback that includes a comment, check the box to include Only items with comment.
EmailCheck the box to only show feedback that includes an email address.
Device MetadataFilter by the Device, Browser, or Operating System your respondents used to leave feedback.
CountryFilter responses by the country they were left in.
Custom VariableFilter by any custom variables you collect.
TagShow responses that include or exclude certain tags.
Feedback IDSearch by the Feedback ID. Each feedback item has a unique ID.
ViewportFilter by the respondent’s screen size.
Response MetadataShow responses that include or exclude an HTML snippet, URL, or IP address.

Filter your survey summary report to view and share data that’s relevant to you.

To start filtering your report:

  1. From your survey, select Results > Summary.
  2. Select Filters on the right side of your report.

You can use any of the following filters.

Filter TypeDescription
DateAdjust the date range to view responses from. Select a specific date range, a period (ex. week or month), a window (ex. last 7 days), or all time.
Merge FieldFilter by the value of any merge field included in your survey or email, such as Company Name.
AnswerFilter by the response to a specific question. Use the operators, such as greater than or is blank, to filter results further.
LanguageFor multilingual surveys, filter by response language. Learn more about supported languages in GetFeedback