Filtering by Metadata in Workspaces

Filter your workspace by data about your respondents, including the devices and platforms they use to leave feedback.

Select Add Filter to create your filter. You can then filter by the following metadata types:

  • Custom Variable: Select a custom variable name, then set the filter condition.
    • To show only specific values, select Is any of.
    • To show all results excluding that value, select Is not.
  • URL: Set the filter condition.
    • To filter based on part of a URL, select either Contains Any Of or Does Not Contain.
    • To filter based on the complete URL, select either Is Exactly or Is Exactly Not. Then, enter the URL to filter by.
  • Browser: After choosing the Browser data type, select a browser name.

Once you’ve selected your filter settings, enter the value to filter by. Select Apply to turn on the filter.