When a user is added to the site a profile will be created for them. A user's profile will provide an overview of the user, including the role(s) they are in, any applications or assignments, and a few details about the user's registration and preferences. This article will provide an overview of the User Profile page.

  1. Go to Manage Users.
  2. Click on the Name of the User.

This will open the User Profile in a side panel within Manage Users. 

To open the profile in Full Screen:

  1. Click on the More Option icon within the User Profile panel.
  2. Click Show Full Screen.

These steps will only apply to Applicants in your site.

  1. Go to Manage Applications.
  2. Click on the Name of the Applicant.
  1. Using the Search Tool, search for the name of the user.
  2. Optional: Click to Show Only: Users.
  3. Click on the name of the User you are searching for.

This is a quick overview of the Applicants profile image, if applicable, their name and all roles that they are a member of.

An image of an applicant user profile.
Last NameThe Last Name of the User
First NameThe First Name of the User
EmailThe email used by the user to login to the site
Signed UpThe Date the user signed up for SurveyMonkey Apply.
Signup SourceHow the user signed up for the site.
Last ActiveThe last date the user logged into the site
Email SubscribedThis will identify if they are currently subscribed to receive emails from you from within the site. 
ActiveWill display whether they have Activated their account within the site
VerifiedWill display if they have verified their email address within the site
IDThe unique ID of the user. This is what will help connect the user to the applications created.This ID number cannot be changed or altered for the user account. However, the name and email address may be changed. 
Language PreferenceThe language preference set within their Account Settings.  The languages displayed are based on the languages that you have added to the translation section of your site.
TimezoneThe timezone preference set within their Account Settings.  
Custom FieldsAny user-specific custom fields applied to the user. The available fields will vary depending on the roles the user is a member of.

Within a User's profile, Additional Information will display for each role. For example, Applicants will display their applications and applicable eligibility forms, whereas reviewers will display their assignment information.

For users that are applicants in the site, within their User Profile you will be able to view and access their applications within the site. If you have an Eligibility Quiz set up you will also be able to view the responses that the applicant provided to their eligibility form. 

You can also use the applications tab and click on the ID of the application in order to access the Admin Application Preview.

An image of an application on a user profile.
An image of an eligibility quiz.

For users that are applicants in your site, you will be able to see an overview of the Assignments they have been given in the site. For more in-depth information in regards to the assignments, you can access the Manage Reviews section of the site.

An image of reviewer assignments.

For users that are recommenders in your site, you will be able to see an overview of the applicants that have requested a recommendation from them.

An image of a recommender's user profile.

If a user is in Multiple Roles, then the above details will still be available within their user profile, however, will appear in separate tabs.

An image of a user profile for someone in multiple roles. The different roles appear at the top of the screen.

Within the User Profile, there are a few additional actions that you can take on the user.