Administrator Application View: Overview

Administrators have a unique view to help manage applications for a program within the site. This view displays all applicant information, application material, completed reviews, and notes specific to an application. This article provides an overview of this view and describes the various actions that can be carried out here.

The layout of the administrator application view has been designed with efficiency in mind to display the application and all associated materials in one convenient pane. This layout consists of the following areas:

View application specific data such as the list of collaborators working on the application, the status of the application, application custom fields, and more.View the status and task completion of specific tasks.View completed reviews of the applicationWrite and review applications notes

Once you have made a decision (Award or Decline Application) a fifth navigation tab will be added for Decision History.

To access this view as an administrator from the search tool:

  1. Search for application title or ID using the Search tool
  2. Select the title of the application


  1. Search for the name of the applicant using the Search tool
  2. Select the title of the application
  1. Go to Manage Applications.
  2. Search for the application.
  3. Select the Application Id.
  1. Go to Manage Users.
  2. Locate the user the application belongs to.
  3. Select the applicants name to display the User Profile.
  4. Select the Applications tab within the profile.
  5. Select the Application ID.

The application list is located on the left hand side of the screen within the administrator application view. This is a complete list of the applications that meet the filter you have applied to the manage application table. 

To jump to a specific application, select the application title from the list using the scroll bar within the list to see applications further down the list. Administrators can also navigate through the list by using the arrows < > located directly above the download icon on the right hand side of the page. This section will be displayed as Application 1 of x.

The short summary consists of vital information to quickly identify an application with as little information as possible. Within the short summary an administrator will find:

  • the applicant owner's name
  • the application ID (completely unique to an application)
  • the current stage the application is in
  • the custom status you have applied to the application, if applicable.

Directly under the application short summary are various icons that allow an administrator to update an application quickly and efficiently:

Applications can be awarded directly from the admin application view. To award an application:

  1. Select the Award button
  2. Optional: Update the stage and status of the application
  3. Select Next
  4. Optional: Send an email or dashboard alert to the applicant to let them know they've been awarded 
  5. Review your selections
  6. Select Award Applications

If an application has not met the requirements to receive an award, it can be declined from the admin application view. To decline an application:

  1. Select the Decline icon
  2. Optional: Add a note 
  3. Optional: Update the stage and status of the application 
  4. Optional: Send an email or dashboard alert 
  5. Select Decline Application and confirm

Applications can be moved to other stages from this screen. This prevents the administrator from needing to navigate away from the application view to update where the application lies in your process. To move an application from the admin application view:

  1. Select the Move Stage icon
  2. Select the stage to move the application to

Labels of an application can also be managed from this screen. To add or remove a label:

  1. Select the Label icon
  2. Add/remove selections for available labels to update the application labels
  1. Click Status
  2. Select the status you wish to apply for the stage they are currently in.

You can also Create a new status for the stage the application is in.

If an applicant needs to be contacted directly regarding their application, the email can be sent using the email action located within this screen directly above the Notes tab. The icon is identified by the mail symbol. To send an email from this view:

  1. Select the Email icon
  2. Add your subject title
  3. Add any required attachments by selecting Choose File
  4. Add your message or select the Email Templates icon to use an existing template for your message
  5. The recipients list will be populated to include all owners and collaborators of the application. If needed, add more recipients by selecting Add Extra Recipients.
  6. Select Send Immediately or customize the send date by selecting On and adding the date and time to send the email
  7. Select Send Now.
  8. If a future date has been selected, selecting Schedule Email will line up the email to send the day that was chosen and the time selected.

TIP! To remove any collaborators or extra recipients from receiving the message, select the 'x' icon next to a recipients' name. 

To keep a copy of the application and any required material a download feature has also been added to this screen. To download an application:

  1. Select the Download icon
  2. Customize the download settings
  3. Select Download

Learn more about choosing your download settings

There are also a few additional actions you can take on the application from within this section:

  • Show the Application to the Applicant
  • Hide the Application from the Applicant
  • Lock the Application
  • Unlock the Application
  • Archive the Application
  • Unarchive the Application
  • Move to Trash
  • Restore from Trash

The summary is one of the four main tabs within this view that aim to separate the various components of an application. Four headings within this tab aim to relay application owner information and application status data:

ApplicantsThe application owner and all collaborators will be found here. Administrators can navigate to a user's profile by selecting the name of the user within this section.
DetailsThis section is dedicated to displaying details of the application related to its status including when the application was last edited, first submitted, labels associated with the application, and more.
Custom FieldsCustom application custom fields for the application are displayed here. These fields are editable, but can also be updated through data imports or automations.
WorkflowThis section provides the admin a quick visual of where the application currently lies within the program's workflow. This is presented by outlining the application's current stage and presenting a star next to the stage number.

This tab will display all program tasks and identify whether the task has been completed for the application you are viewing by providing a Complete or Incomplete status. To view a task completed for that application simply select the task name or any hyperlinked uploads. 

The Jump to icon allows administrators to quickly navigate to a specific task to avoid having to navigate through the complete task list. When a task is selected from the list the page will automatically scroll the page to the specific task within the list. 

There are numerous actions that can be completed within this tab:

Resetting a task will clear all collected responses including uploaded files, collaborator requests, etc. completed by the applicant. To reset a task:

  1. Locate the task from the task list.
  2. Select the More Options icon.
  3. Select Reset Task.
  4. You will be asked "Are you sure that you want to reset this task?"
  5. Click Yes.

Tasks that are hidden/shown from the applicant will update the visibility of the task in the applicant's task list. Tasks that are required will no longer be considered required for that applicant if the task has been hidden. To hide or show a task from an applicant:

  1. Locate the task from the task list.
  2. Select the More Options icon.
  3. Select Hide task from applicant or Show task to applicant.
  4. You will be asked "Are you sure that you want to hide/show this task from the applicant?"
  5. Click Yes.

Only one option will be available at a time. The option will be updated once the task has been hidden or shown to the applicant. As an example, if the only option available is to show the task then that signals that the task is currently hidden from the applicant.

External tasks can also be approved from this view. Once the applicant has completed the external task, an administrator will be given two choices within the details of the task titled Confirm Incomplete and Confirm Complete.

If the icons are not visible then you will need to expand the task by selecting the down arrow located directly to the right of the More Options icon.

This tab will display all review stages in your workflow and identify whether the task in that stage has been completed by the assigned Reviewer(s) by providing a Complete or Incomplete status. This status will appear underneath the name of the assigned Reviewer. To view a review task completed for that application simply select the task name or any hyperlinked uploads. 

Only In Progress or Completed Reviews will be displayed here. Reviews that have not been started yet will not appear. 

Jump to a specific review by selecting the icon and the desired review task. This reduces the amount of navigation for administrators by scrolling the page directly to the review task within the completed review list. 

Administrators can reset a task by locating the review task from the task list, selecting the More Options icon, then selecting Reset Task. Resetting a task will clear the reviewers entire review. This action cannot be reverted.

Review completed notes, add a new note, or communicate with assigned reviewers via email. All shared notes added by fellow administrators and site reviewers will be visible here. For more information on this feature, see Notes.

Once you have made a decision on whether the application should be Awarded or Declined, the details of the decision will be recorded in this tab.

DecisionDisplays "Awarded" or "Declined" based on the decision selected
ValueOnly applicable to Awarded Applications, add/edit the value that you wish to give to the application
DateDisplays the Date/ Time the decision was made