How to Download an Application

Downloading applications can be useful for a variety of reasons and SurveyMonkey Apply has implemented options for users of all roles to download selected files or entire applications in various file formats. This article discusses how to download applications individually or in bulk as an administrator in the site.

As an Administrator, you can:

To download individual or multiple applications from Manage Applications:

  1. Go to Manage Applications.
  2. Select the checkbox to the left of the application title.
  3. Repeat for all applications you wish to download.
  4. Click the Download icon.
  5. Select the format that you wish to download the file as: PDF or CSV.
    If you select to download the file as a CSV then a file will be automatically downloaded with the columns in your table. If you select PDF, see Available Download options for more below for more details on selecting the download options that appear.
  6. Select Download.

To download an application from the admin application preview:

  1. Access the Admin Preview of the application.
  2. Select the Download icon.
  3. Customize your download as necessary. See Available Download options below for more details on selecting the download options that appear.
  4. Select Download.

To help explain the available options when customizing your download we will use the following examples for test applicant Tom Jenkins.

Test Application 1  
- Contact Information Form
- Application Form
- Supporting Documents Upload Task
- Financial Need Form
Test Application 2 
- Contact Information Form
- Application Form
- Supporting Documents Upload Task
- Financial Need Form
Download OptionPresentation
Separate PDF for each selected applicationA zip file is downloaded. Each application has its own dedicated file.
Separate PDF for each selected application (with attachments in original format)A zip file is downloaded.
Each application has its own dedicated folder.
Each folder consists of one file which has merged all forms selected for inclusion in this download. Uploads in any format will be included as a separate file.
Single PDF of all selected applicationsOne file is downloaded.
The file has merged all application forms and .pdf uploads into a single file. All application materials for Test Application 1 will be presented one after the other before any materials are presented for Test Application 2.
The tasks will be displayed in the same order as they are presented in the workflow designer.

PDFs are the only file type that can be displayed in-line within a downloaded application. All other uploaded files will be provided via a hyperlink instead.

The filename can be customized for organization purposes offline. Select one of the available attributes to include in the downloaded application's filename. Using Tom Jenkins's application Test Application 1 as an example:

Filename AttributeFilename Given
Application IDA-0001
Application TitleTest-Application-1
Applicant Full NameTom Jenkins

Similarly to the stage limitation option discussed above, administrators also have the ability to limit the tasks that are downloaded. In order for a task to be downloaded the task must be selected.

All tasks are selected by default initially. To limit the included tasks you will need to remove selections where appropriate.