With multiple programs within your site, you may wish to make only certain programs available to certain applicants. An eligibility form allows you to ask questions to your applicants before the programs become available to them. For example, if the applicant needs a certain GPA for a program, this can be asked within the Eligibility Form.

In order to setup your Eligibility form you will need to go to the Eligibility Section of the site. Here you will be able to give a title for your Eligibility Quiz, add a description, and toggle the eligibility form on or off.

To access Eligibility:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Eligibility
Use EligibilityIf this is enabled applicants will need to complete the Eligibility form before being able to view or complete any programs within your site.
Eligibility FormThis is the form that will be available to your applicants to complete.You can only have one Eligibility Form at a time
Require applicants to complete eligibility before viewing programs they can apply toThis will force the applicants to complete this form before any programs are available to them and will only show programs they are eligible for.

Note: If eligibility is not required, users will not need to fill out the form and will be able to see all programs. However, when they go to apply to the program they will need to complete the eligibility quiz and meet the criteria in order to apply.
Allow Applicants to modify their Eligibility profile after submittingThis will determine whether the user can modify their completed eligibility form. When NOT selected additional Form Controls will be available

If the setting "Allow applicants to modify their eligibility profile after submitting" has not been enabled then additional Form Controls will also become available:

Unlock All ProfilesThis will allow all applicants to edit their eligibility form. Once the edit has been made the form will once again be locked.

TIP! Use this to open the eligibility quiz for a new year/cycle.
Request Profile UpdateApplicants with completed eligibility profiles will be re-opened and will be prompted to update their form responses.

In order to test the eligibility form, you can do so in two ways:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Eligibility
  3. Click on the More Options icon
  4. Click Preview

            -- OR --

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Eligibility
  3. Click on the form name to access the Form Builder
  4. Click Preview in the bottom right corner of your screen

The purpose of using the eligibility form is so that you can collect responses from applicants to determine if they are eligible to apply to a program in your site. Once you have created the form and enabled Use Eligibility, you can set up your program eligibility. For more information in regards to this, you can refer to How to Create a Program: Eligibility.