Survey Notifications

Survey notifications let you know when you have new survey responses.

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Notification Types

There are a few ways to be notified of new survey responses:

Notification TypeDescription
Daily SummaryA daily email that lets you know how many responses your survey collected the day before.
Instant NotificationsGet an email notification each time a new response is submitted to your survey.
Smart NotificationsGet an email each time a response is submitted that matches certain conditions you set up.


Not Receiving Notifications

If you've turned on notifications but aren't receiving them, here are a couple of things you can try.

Check your account email address

Make sure your account email address in My Account is up to date and only you have access to it. Avoid using generic, role-based, or list-serv email addresses like info@, admin@, or sales@yourcompany.com. Notifications won't send to these types of addresses.

You can update your account email address at any time.

Check your email filters

It's possible that your email filter or firewall is blocking notifications. You can add SurveyMonkey domains to your whitelist to help them come through.

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