Managing Seats on Your Team

TEAMS FEATURE: This article is all about managing accounts on a team. What are teams?

If you're a Primary Admin or Admin, you can invite people to join your team and manage existing seats from the My Team section of your account.

My Team is the central place to find team information. You can find it in the main navigation.

Under the Team Summary tab, Primary Admins and Admins get an overview of the team.

SeatAn account on the team that you've already paid for.There are two seat types: Full Access seats and Contributor seats.
Seats Used (or Filled seats)The accounts on your team that are already assigned to someone. This includes seats in the Active, Invited, or Reassignment pending status.
Seats Available (or Empty seats)The number of invites you can send before you're charged team overages. In other words, the number of seats you've already paid for, but aren't being used yet.
Team Size (or Total seats)The sum of seats used and seats available. In other words, the total number of people who can be in, or invited to, your team before you're charged team overages for adding more seats.
Team NameThe name of your team. The Primary Admin can update this at any time.
Team DescriptionUp to 250 characters describing your team to help others identify your team from others at the same company. The Primary Admin can update this at any time.
Primary AdminThe person who created the team—this person manages seats and team billing.
Account OwnershipThe person we consider the owner of the team.
Usage (Enterprise)See user metrics over time (UTC).
Responses (Enterprise)Monitor how many responses your team has collected so far.

Full Access seats and Contributor seats are currently only available to some teams.

Under the Add Users tab, you can click Add Seats to select the number of additional Full Access seats and Contributor seats you want to add to your team.

On this page, you can:

  • View a breakdown of your current team.
  • See user metrics over time (UTC).
  • Compare Roles and Permissions.
  • View a summary of Team Overages for adding more seats.

Once you've paid for additional seats, click your receipt # in your confirmation to go directly to your invoice or click OK to invite people to join your team.

Under the Add Users tab, you can send an email to invite people to fill available seats.

Enterprise teams can also see an option to create a team sign-up page where people in your organization can send invites to themselves to join.Teams with SSO enabled won't see either of these options and can send your team’s invite link to people.

  • Invite People via Email
  • Creating a Team Sign-Up Page (Enterprise Only)

If you can't send an invite or people can't invite themselves from the team sign-up page, you probably have an outstanding invoice you need to pay. Once you pay any unpaid invoices, you'll be able to invite more people to your team. You can find invoices in your Transaction History.

Your surveys are private to your account account unless you choose to share them with others or your Team Sharing settings automatically share all new surveys with your team.

Primary Admins aren't able to see what surveys are in each team member's account. But they may be able to control how surveys are shared among the team.

You can manage pending team invitations sent via email from the Manage Users tab of My Team.

If someone has a pending invitation but you invite them to a different seat type, the most recent invitation will override the original pending request.

  • Resending an Invitation
  • Canceling an Invitation

ENTERPRISE FEATURE: Team sign-up pages are only available to Enterprise customers.

You can manage your team sign-up page from the Add Users tab of My Team.

  • Monitoring Sign-Ups
  • Deactivating Your Sign-Up Page

As the people you need to work with change, you can reassign or delete accounts from the Manage Users tab of My Team.

  • Reassigning an Account
  • Deleting an Account

You can check the status of every account in your team from the Manage Users tab. Here's what each status means:

ActiveThis person has accepted their invitation to join your team.
InvitedThis person was invited to join the team, but hasn't accepted their invitation yet.
Reassignment PendingThis account is in the process of being reassigned to someone else. This means that the Primary Admin or an Admin sent an invitation to someone else to take over this account, but they haven't accepted the invitation yet.

Neither the original owner of the account, nor the new owner, will be able to access the account until the person to whom you reassigned the account accepts the invitation. If needed, you can reassign an account in this status to a different person.
Invitation ExpiredThis person was invited to join the team, but didn't accept the invitation within 30 days. Invitations expire within 30 days, but you can always resend the invitation to them.

TIP! To read about the different roles in a team, like Primary Admin and Full User, see Team Seat Types, Roles, & Permissions.