Downgrading to a Free Plan

Your account will downgrade to a free plan at your next billing date if you cancel auto-renew, or if you have an unpaid invoice for a few weeks after the billing date. To keep your paid plan active, make a payment before your next billing date.

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What happens to my survey data?

When you downgrade, your account is put on hold for 15 days, in case your payment is late. After the grace period, extra responses received more than 60 days ago that also exceed your response limit will be deleted.

To view and keep access to all of your responses, upgrade to a paid plan before they're deleted. You can go to My Surveys to see which surveys have responses over your plan's limit.

To comply with data privacy laws, it's not possible to downgrade HIPAA-enabled accounts or an account stored in the European Union (EU) data center to a Basic plan. Make sure to renew your subscription so we don't close your account and delete all data.


Will my surveys continue to work?

Yes, but keep in mind the free plan and lower paid plans may have a different set of features than what you had before. When your account downgrades, some paid features in live surveys continue to work, but with restrictions.

When you create new surveys, you can only send them with features available on the plan you currently have. If you add additional paid features, we let you know that you need to upgrade to a different plan to send your survey.

Survey restrictions while on the free plan

You may run into restrictions when downgrading to a free or different paid plan:

Design Restrictions
  • There's a limit of 10 questions per survey, which includes text and images. If you have live surveys with more than 10 questions, we don't delete any questions, but you may run into editing restrictions.
  • You can only copy surveys with 10 questions or less.
  • You may not be able to edit questions on survey templates with more than 10 questions.
  • You can't add logic to your surveys. If existing surveys use logic, they continue to work as long as the collector was open at the time the account downgraded.
  • You may have previously had a plan that allowed you to hide the SurveyMonkey footer. You won't be able to send your survey unless you change the footer back to the default SurveyMonkey one, or upgrade to a plan that includes that feature again.
Collect Restrictions
  • There's a limit of 3 collectors per survey.
  • You can't re-open collectors for existing surveys that include paid features.
  • Collectors that were open when the account downgraded continue to record responses and the collector options remain the same, except the Survey End Page may change to the standard end page.
  • You can only delete 50 responses across the entire account.
Analyze Restrictions
  • View-only access per your response limit, and extra responses exceeding your response limit are automatically deleted 60 days after they’re received, in accordance with our data compliance policies.
  • You can't export your data.
  • You can't preview or download files uploaded to your survey.
  • You can only create 1 rule per survey. Your existing rules are deleted when you downgrade.
  • Any shared data pages you created on a paid plan continue to be accessible, but you can't create saved views to share.
Security Restrictions
  • You don't get login alerts when there are login attempts from a new device or browser.
TIP! Check out the Plans & Pricing page to see what features are available on a free plan.

What happens if I upgrade my account again?

You can upgrade your account again from the Plans & Pricing page any time. If you upgrade to a different plan than what you had before, you might be limited on what features you can use.

For example, if you have a feature on your survey that is only available on the Premier plan. You won’t be able to send that survey again unless you remove the feature, or upgrade to the Premier plan again.

When this happens, we'll show you what features are no longer on your plan when you try to send that survey. From there you can decide to remove them or upgrade to a plan that includes those features.


What happens to my team?

If a Primary Admin does not renew, users are removed from the team, and all accounts are downgraded to Basic (free) plans.

Surveys are only accessible within someone's individual account and survey sharing is turned off.

When you downgrade, your account is put on hold for 15 days, in case your payment is late. After the grace period, responses 60 days or older that exceed your response limit will be deleted in accordance with our data retention policies.

If the Primary Admin re-upgrades their account, it doesn't automatically re-create the team–they will need to invite each user to join again.


If you miss a payment or cancel auto-renew before your next billing date, your account will downgrade to a free plan. To send surveys with paid features or to view and export all data, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan again.

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