The currency you’re charged in depends on the billing country where your payment method is located. Before you complete a payment when signing up, upgrading, creating a team, or making a one-time purchase in your account, we make sure to clearly display the billing currency you'll be charged in right above the Confirm or Pay button.

Your billing currency depends on your billing country. Your billing country needs to match the country where your payment method is located—you can't directly edit your billing currency since it's tied to your payment method.

To edit your billing country:

  • If you're signing up for a new account, you'll select your billing country on the checkout page.
  • If you have an existing account, you can edit your billing country in the Payment Information section of the Billing Details tab.

In some situations, you might not be able to edit your billing country when updating your payment method. If you run into this issue and see an error message, you can contact us for more info.

TIP! If you pay for SurveyMonkey through the SurveyMonkey iOS app, billing is managed by Apple instead of SurveyMonkey. To change your billing currency, you'll need to update your Apple ID payment method.

The amount you're being charged in your local currency might not convert to our exact pricing in USD or in another market—this means if you use the current exchange rate to convert your local currency to USD, it might not match. Since SurveyMonkey is available all over the globe, our pricing can differ from country to country. To determine pricing in each market, we take currency fluctuation into account, as well as the price for similar services in a given market.

We make sure to be as transparent as possible by showing you the exact amount you’ll be charged by SurveyMonkey and in what currency before you submit your payment.

Your card issuer or bank may add a currency conversion or foreign transaction fee to your payment. If you have a larger than expected charge, please contact your provider for information on what rates and fees may apply, as these are not controlled by or known to SurveyMonkey.

You may also be seeing a pre-authorization.

When you sign up, upgrade, create a team, or make a one-time purchase in your account, you'll be charged in the local currency of your billing country, if that currency is supported at the time of your purchase. Your plan subscription will renew at the billing currency you were charged previously, unless you edit your payment method and associated billing currency before renewal.

If your billing country is not listed, the local currency for your billing country is not supported—see info on Unsupported Currencies.

Billing Country
Billing Currency
Supported Since
BrazilBRLJune 2015
ChileCLPSeptember 2011
ColombiaCOPSeptember 2013
Costa RicaCRCSeptember 2013
Czech RepublicCZKNovember 2013
EgyptEGPSeptember 2011
Hong KongHKD2010
HungaryHUFNovember 2013
IcelandISKNovember 2013
IndonesiaIDRSeptember 2011
IsraelILSSeptember 2011
MalaysiaMYRSeptember 2011
New ZealandNZD2010
PeruPENSeptember 2013
PhilippinesPHPSeptember 2013
PolandPLNSeptember 2013
QatarQARNovember 2013
RussiaRUBSeptember 2011
Saudi ArabiaSARSeptember 2013
South AfricaZAR2010
South KoreaKRW2010
ThailandTHBSeptember 2011
TurkeyTRYSeptember 2011
United Arab EmiratesAED2010
United KingdomGBP2010
United StatesUSDAlways

*If your payment method is located in a country where EUR is an official currency, your billing currency will be EUR.

If your billing country is not supported at the time of your purchase, you'll be charged in USD. If your payment method is located in a European country whose currency is not supported, your billing currency may be EUR and not USD. This includes, but may not be limited to, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine.

If you were charged in USD or EUR, your plan subscription will also renew in USD or EUR, even if your local currency has become supportable since your original payment.

There are a couple situations where you can switch to your local billing currency for your next renewal, if it's now a supported currency:

  • If you're currently being billed in USD or EUR but your local billing currency is now supported, you can contact us to switch to your local billing currency for your next renewal.
  • If you create a team, you'll be charged for additional users in your local currency if it's supported at the time you create the team (if this is the case, you'll see the price per user listed in the local currency in your account), and your plan subscription will be renewed in that local currency instead of USD or EUR at your next renewal date.