Paid plans auto-renew by default to ensure you don't lose access to paid features at your next billing date.

As explained on the checkout page when you upgrade, your subscription will automatically renew and you'll be billed at your next billing date until you cancel auto-renew.

Depending on your payment method, your payment method may be automatically charged on your renewal date.

Learn more: Auto-Renew

Charges on Expired or Outdated Cards. If your card has been updated but the card information in your SurveyMonkey account is out of date, you may see the charge posted to your new card. Learn more »

The monthly plan includes 1,000 responses per monthly billing cycle across all surveys. If you exceed 1,000 survey responses in any given monthly billing cycle, there is an additional charge per response.

Primary Admins are billed team overages for each invitation sent that exceeds the number of seats available on the team.

Learn more: Team Billing