Entries and Reports

  • Managing Entries

    Viewing Entries in the Entry Manager

    The Entry Manager provides a quick and easy way of viewing entries people have submitted by filling out your form. To get there, log in and go to Forms. Then, to the right of the form, click Entries.

    Managing Individual Entries

    You can manage all the individual entries for your form from the Entry Manager. At the bottom of the page, click on an entry in the datagrid to view and manage it.

    Editing Entries

    You can edit entries in the Entry Manager. If you edit an entry, the previous entry data is permanently overwritten.

    Duplicate Entries

    There are a several field and form settings that can help you prevent people (or bots) from submitting duplicate entries to your form. This article also covers what you can do to remove duplicate entries that have already been submitted.

    Downloading Entries & Reports

    You can download individual entries or download entries in bulk from the Entry Manager. You can also export data from reports.

    Managing Your Reports

    The Report Manager is where you can view and manage all the reports in your account. To get there, log in and go to Reports.

    Deleting Entries

    You can delete entries from the Entry Manager. When you delete entries, they're permanently deleted. All entry data, files, and comments are deleted and can't be restored.

  • Creating Reports