After building your report, you'll want to share it with others to show off your stuff. You can easily share a link to your report, email it, embed it on your site, or download the full HTML of the report. This is similar to sharing a Wufoo form.

To share your report:

  1. Log in and go to Reports.
  2. To the right of the form, make sure to check the Public box if you want people outside of your Wufoo account to be able to access it.
  3. Below the form, click Widgets.
  4. Choose a share method.

TIP! Learn how to export or download report data.

Link to ReportPermanent Shortlink URL (recommended): This link contains a unique ID (a string of letters and numbers) that references the form. We recommend using this link since it never changes—even if you make edits to your form.

Easy to Remember URL: This link contains the title of the report instead of a unique ID. If you edit your report's title, it updates to match. This means the old link will no longer work, so you'll need to send the new link to anyone you shared the old one with.

Use this HTML Link in a Webpage: This is your Permanent Shortlink URL wrapped in HTML for you, ready and waiting to be an active hyperlink in a webpage.
Embed Widget CodeThis code will embed a single chart, graph or number widget on any web page. You can select which widget you'd like to embed from the drop-down menu on that page. Once embedded, the widget shows a live summary of your form data.
Full Page Report CodeThis is all the HTML you need to embed your complete report on a webpage. Once embedded, it shows a live summary of your form data.
Via EmailThis option will open up your email client with a link to your report. You can customize the body of the email however you'd like before sending it off.

If a widget shows an error, it's because someone's deleted it from the report. You'll need to recreate the widget on the report and copy the new embed code into your webpage.