Managing Your Reports

The Report Manager is where you can view and manage all the reports in your account. To get there, log in and go to Reports.

Find any reports you've created on the Report Manager page. Select the buttons below your report name to view, edit, export, duplicate, or delete your report.
ViewSee your live report with real-time entry data.
EditBuild your report.
ExportDownload the report.
WidgetsShare the report. (Not the same widgets you use to display data.)
DuplicateCreate a copy of the report.
DeletePermanently delete the report.
ProtectAdd a password to a public report. It's not possible to add a password to a private report.
PublicMake private (uncheck the box) to restrict access to only users in your Wufoo account who have permission to view the report. Make public (check the box) so anyone you share it with can view it.
ThemeApply a theme to change the colors and fonts of your report.