PAID FEATURE: Adding new users is only available on some paid plans—see if it’s on your plan.

Adding new users to a Wufoo account lets you work with a team to build forms, themes, and reports.

To get to the User Management page, log in and go to Users.

The type of information you can see or edit in an account depends on what your user role is. There are three types of users:

  • Account Creator: The person who created the Wufoo account and has access to everything in the account. If you're the Account Creator, it says Account Creator under your name on the User Management page.
  • Admin: People who have access to all forms, reports, and themes and can manage other users in the account. If you're an Admin, it says Admin under your name on the User Management page.
  • User: Users (with a capital U) only have access to some forms, themes and reports in the account, depending on their permissions. If you're a User, you'll only see yourself listed on the User Management page.
PermissionsAccount CreatorAdminUser
Create new forms, reports, and themesDepends on permissions
Edit existing forms, entries, reports, and themesDepends on permissions
View users in the account & add, delete, and set up permissions for usersOnly sees their own user info and their permissions
Access the Account Manager & Activity Log
Edit the billing information for the accountUsers can only view, download, and copy links
Add or delete files and folders to the File Manager
Upgrade or cancel the account
Change the subdomain for the account

The Account Creator and any Admins in an account can view and edit user info and permissions, as well as add and delete users.

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