Troubleshooting Issues with an Email Invitation

You can view the message statuses of your email invitations, reminders, and thank you messages.

To view your message statuses:

  1. Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey.
  2. Click the email invitation collector name.
  3. On the Overview tab, scroll down to the Message History section.

Your message was sent.

Not sent

Your message wasn't sent. Follow these tips if people say they didn't get your message.


Your message is ready to send and is currently being monitored and released from our servers. The status should update to Sent soon.


The message is scheduled to be sent at a specific date and time.

Click the three dots (...) to unschedule the message and change it to a Draft that you can edit


Your message has not been scheduled or sent.

Click Resume to finish composing your message, choosing your collector options, and scheduling or sending your message.

Usually, it takes 5 - 15 minutes for your message to send. During this time, your status will say Sending.

In rare situations, the status may remain as Sending for up to 1 hour. This can happen when there's an unusually high volume of outgoing messages that are being monitored for spam and abuse.

If it has been more than 1 hour and you’ve already added SurveyMonkey’s info to your allow list, feel free to contact us.

If the Send now button is greyed out, or you get an error saying “something went wrong” when you try to send or schedule an email invitation message, it means you may have:

  • Added duplicate email addresses
  • Included recipients that are opted out or bounced
  • Imported a contact list that wasn’t formatted correctly

Follow these tips to send your message.

Need to send your survey right away? Create a Web Link collector to send your survey with your own email. However, web links aren't able to track recipients and survey responses in the same way as an email invitation.

If your message status says Not Sent and you followed our guidelines to avoid spam filters, it's likely people aren't getting your email for one of these reasons.

Your message is being blocked by a strict firewall filter on the recipient’s endAsk the recipient to:

1. Check their spam, junk, and clutter folder for your message
2. Add SurveyMonkey’s information to their allow list

Once they’ve added us to their safe sender list, send the recipient a one-off reminder message so they can take your survey.
The recipient is opted out or bouncedCheck if the recipient is opted out or bounced. If so, you can ask the recipient to opt back in if they want to take your survey.

After they opt back in, you need to create a new Email Invitation collector to send them the survey.