SurveyMonkey Help

Salesforce Field Mapping Guide

ENGLISH ONLY The SurveyMonkey for Salesforce integration and this article is available in English only.

This is how SurveyMonkey questions and metadata can be mapped to Salesforce object fields.

SurveyMonkey Question or MetadataSalesforce Field
Multiple Choice questionPicklist or Text
Checkbox questionMulti-select Picklist or Text
Dropdown questionPicklist or Text
Star Rating question Create 2 fields:
  • Picklist or Text for answer choice label
  • Number for weight
Matrix/Rating Scale questionFor each Matrix row, create 2 fields:
  • Picklist or Text for answer choice label
  • Number for question weight
Matrix of Dropdown MenusFor each dropdown, create a Picklist or Text
File Upload questionFiles don't transfer to Salesforce. To see File Uploads go to the Analyze Responses section in SurveyMonkey.
Click Map questionClick Map data doesn't transfer to Salesforce. To see Click Map data go to the Analyze Responses section in SurveyMonkey.
Ranking questionFor each answer choice, create a Number
NPS question (create three fields):
  • Response (0 - 10)
  • Normalized (1, 0, or -1)
  • Label (promoter, passive, detractor)
  • Response (Not at all likely - 0, 1 - 9, Extremely likely - 10) - Text
  • Number (1 digit)
  • Unrestricted Picklist or Text
Image Choice captionsPicklist or Text
Slider questionNumber

Single Textbox question (consider your response input):

  • Text
  • Whole or decimal number
  • Date
  • Email

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date
  • Email Address
Multiple Textboxes question1 Text field per row
Comment box questionText area long or Text area rich
Contact Information question (Demographic)1 Text per row

Date/Time question:

  • Date info
  • Time info
  • Date
  • Date time
Survey titlePicklist or Text
Survey IDNumber (15 digits)
Collector namePicklist or Text
Collector IDNumber (15 digits)
Recipient IDNumber (15 digits)
Response IDNumber (15 digits)
Response statusText (20)
Response durationNumber
Response creation dateDate
Response modified dateDate
Response edit URLURL
Response analyze URLURL
Response IP addressText