GetFeedback Product Overview

GetFeedback is a modern survey application designed and built for a mobile world. Anyone can build an online survey with perfect branding, beautiful imagery, and even embedded video. GetFeedback surveys dynamically resize to display perfectly on every smartphone, tablet, and browser.

Creating a survey is easy with GetFeedback. Anyone familiar with presentation tools like Powerpoint or Keynote can use GetFeedback to create and share a survey. With simple inline editing, you’ll build your survey from scratch or with one of our CX survey templates.

When it's time to share your survey with your audience, GetFeedback provides many options for sharing your survey. You can share your survey by link, automated email, or SMS message. You can also embed it in a website, email campaign, service cloud, app, or Salesforce community.

Below, you’ll find an overview of help articles detailing our survey distribution options.

Note: Some distribution methods are plan specific, and may not be available on your GetFeedback plan.

GetFeedback provides tools such as summary reports and dashboards to help you understand your customer insights. Export survey results via an Excel or CSV spreadsheet for more detailed analysis or integration to 3rd party systems like marketing apps, or email service providers. Map survey responses k update leads, contacts, and support cases in Salesforce and Zendesk.

Use GetFeedback Actions to send email notifications, tasks in Salesforce, and Slack posts to prompt follow-up actions for your team. Use Actions to build customer relationships, follow up on low CES scores, and catch issues before they impact your renewal rates.