Managing Your Collector List

There are several ways to send your survey using collectors. You can create multiple collectors per survey. There's a limit of three collectors per survey for free plans.

You'll find your collector list from the Collect Responses section of your survey.

From your collector list, click . to the right of the collector to open a menu with the following options:

Close collectorTurn off the collector to stop collecting responses. If a respondent tries to access the survey through that collector, they'll see a closed page. If you have multiple collectors on the survey, you need to close each collector individually to completely stop collecting responses.
Open collectorRe-open or turn on a collector that you previously closed to accept new survey responses.
Edit collectorManage the collector options—survey settings you can use to control your respondents' survey-taking experience.
Rename collectorChange the nickname of the collector to stay organized. This name is private to you—respondents don't see the collector name.
Clear all responsesPermanently delete responses recorded used that collector. You can continue to use the collector to collect new responses.
Delete collectorPermanently remove the collector from the survey. You need to clear the collector before deleting it. If a respondent tries to access the survey through that collector, they'll see an error message explaining that the URL may have been changed or that the survey may no longer exist. If you delete a collector with a Custom URL Ending, you may not be able to use it on a future collector.

Why are some collectors view only or greyed out?

If a collector is greyed out it is disabled because either your survey is accepting payments, the survey was shared and you don't have collector permissions, or the collector is restricted by Enterprise Settings.

Add a collector to start recording responses to your survey. Edit the collector options to customize the survey-taking experience. Close a collector to stop collecting responses. Clear a collector to remove all responses.

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