Email Invitation and Contact Limits

PAID FEATURE: This feature is only available to customers on paid plans.

When sending messages through an Email Invitation collector or storing respondent information in Contacts, please be aware of the following sending, importing, contacts, and character limits.

Sending Limits

Your plan type determines the number of messages you can send in a rolling 24 hour period. The daily sending limit includes invitation, reminder, and thank you messages sent from Email Invitation collectors.

Daily Sending Limit
Paid Plans20,000 messages per account

Once you reach the daily sending limit you won’t be able to send messages for 24 hours. You can still schedule messages for a later date and time.

TIP! If you want to send even more messages within 24 hours, send your survey through Mailchimp.

Import Limits

You can import contacts to Contacts in two ways: by adding them as contacts to an Email Invitation or by importing them to Contacts.

Total contacts in Contacts2,000,000
Contacts per group in Contacts10,000
Contacts per CSV10,000 (see formatting tips)
Contacts (recipients) you can add to each Email Invitation collector10,000
Contacts you can copy/paste manually

1,000 at a time in the Send To field

10,000 at a time per import

TIP! You can create multiple Email Invitation collectors to send your survey to more contacts.

Character Limits

Forbidden Characters in Email Address Field

Email addresses used in Email Invitation and Contacts cannot contain the following characters:

#Pound or hashtag
$ € £ (etc.)Monetary symbols
“ ” " "Double quotes
< >Angle brackets


Character Limits in Custom Data

The number of characters per custom data field need to be under the following:

Field# of Characters
Email Address255
First Name50
Last Name50
Custom 11,000
Custom 2–6100


HTML Template

HTML templates have the following limits per message:

Field# of Characters
Email Message16,000
Subject Line255


Custom HTML & Plain Text Templates

Custom HTML and Plain Text templates can have 2MB of information per message.

Vanity Domains

Vanity domains can have up to 6 characters where the .com bit usually is.

Be aware of the following sending, importing, contact, and character limits when sending messages through an Email Invitation collector or storing information about survey takers in Contacts.

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