Managing Brand Assets in the Library


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The library is where team members can find and use shared assets to create surveys. These shared assets include images, documents, templates, themes, and questions.

Primary Admins and Admins can add or manage items in the team library and set default assets to be automatically added to new surveys that teammates create. To review access levels for other roles, see Team Roles or Enterprise Team Roles.

If your Enterprise team has Divisions, you can also access division libraries that have additional survey controls.

The library is a collection of shared resources that some team members, depending on their roles, can use when they creating surveys.

  • Images: Add approved visual assets to use in surveys—like your company's logo.
  • Themes: Choose a survey theme that best reflects your organization.
  • CSS theme (Enterprise only): Add CSS for a custom survey theme that matches your visual assets, fonts, colors, and style preferences.
  • Templates: Turn a custom survey into a standard template so your team can reapply the format in new surveys.
  • Documents: Provide team members with guidelines and resources for creating surveys for your organization.
  • Questions: Enterprise teams can add company questions to a Custom Question Bank so team members will add them to surveys in a consistent format.
  • Presentation template (Enterprise only): Apply a custom template to your team’s PPT presentation exports for survey results.

Primary Admins and Admins can add new items to the library.

To add a new item to the library:

  1. Select My Team from the main navigation and select Library.
  2. Select + New Item (Add item).
  3. Choose the item you want to add:
    • Image and document: Browse for the image or document on your computer, or import it via URL.
    • Theme: Select an existing custom theme from the list. If you don't have any custom themes, create a new one.
    • CSS theme (Enterprise only): Select Copy code and paste in your preferred CSS editing tool. Make customizations to the code and then see a preview by adding it to the box under Customize theme and selecting Generate preview. Once you’re happy with the theme, select Save.
    • Template: Select an existing survey from the list. If you don't have any surveys, create a new one. Every aspect of the survey design will be included in the template—all questions, the theme, logic, options, and images. If the survey you choose uses a custom theme that's not yet in your library, that theme will also be added to the library.
    • Question (Enterprise only): Add a new question in the Design Survey section. Once the question is saved, hover over it and click Library to save it to the library.
    • Presentation template (Enterprise only): Upload a PPTX file containing the template you want applied to the presentation exports. To create a custom template for your PPT exports, download and make changes to this sample PPTX file. Open the file, navigate to View, and click Slide Master. Modify the first slide (parent slide) of the Slide Master to reflect your desired font size, font color, footer, header, background color or image, and other options. Any changes made to other slides will not be reflected in PPT exports. For additional help creating a custom template, you can review Microsoft's resource on creating a PowerPoint template.
  4. Add a Title (Name) and Description that will help team members understand how and when to use the item in their own surveys.
  5. For some items, choose if you’d like to make the item a team default. Learn more about setting default assets.
Image2 MB or lessJPG, PNG, or GIF
Document16 MB or lessDOC, DOCX, or PDF
Presentation template2 MBPPTX

In the Library, Primary Admins and Admins can manage existing items by clicking the three dots to the right of the item and choosing an action from the menu. The actions available depend on the item type.

Edit detailsChange the title (Name) and description of the item to give more context to team members when they visit the library.
RemoveRemove the item from your library. This doesn't affect any surveys that already use that item. If you remove a theme or template, the custom theme or survey it's based on will remain in your account.
DownloadDownload images and documents to your computer.
PreviewPreview images and documents in the library.
To preview a document, download it to your computer.
To preview a template, choose Edit details and click Preview Survey under the survey details.
Set as default Set a default logo or theme, or presentation template to survey's your team creates.

Primary Admins and Admins can set defaults to be used in all new surveys the team creates:

  • Logo—any image in the library
  • Theme
  • CSS theme (Enterprise only)
  • Templates and intro text (Enterprise only)
  • Presentation template (Enterprise only)

When adding a new image, theme, CSS theme, or presentation template, select the default option to have it applied to all new surveys in your team.

To set an existing asset as a default, click the three dots to the right of the item and select the default option.

When a default is set for the team and someone creates a new survey, the default item is automatically applied. Existing surveys aren't changed.

If your Enterprise team has access to Divisions, your Admins may have restricted access to remove or edit default items.

To use items from the library in surveys, select My Team from the main navigation and then Library to browse, preview, or download library items.

For instructions on how to use each type of item in the library, see the relevant section below.

  • Themes and CSS themes
  • Images
  • Templates
  • Documents
  • Questions
  • Presentation

ENTERPRISE FEATURE: Only available on some Enterprise plans. If you're interested, contact sales. If you already have an Enterprise account, contact your Customer Success Manager.

When your team has Divisions—sub-groups within your team that can be managed independently of one another—each division can have its own division library with its own set of assets. A division library allows each division to have unique assets that are different from the assets in the team library and other divisions.

Division members can use the assets from the team library or their division library, which ensures all surveys meet either the team's or division’s unique branding needs.

The assets that team members can see, manage, and use depend on their role, if they belong to a division, and whether those assets have additional default settings or restrictions. Only the Primary Admin and Admin have full access to view, add, and manage the team library and all division libraries.

Primary Admins and Admins can:Division Admins can:Users can:
View, add, or manage assets in the team library (as described earlier in this article) or any division library

Click a division name to view the assets in that division library and set defaults for that division

Set team and division defaults
Allow Division Admins to override the asset settings for their division

Create surveys without any restrictions
View assets from the team library

View, add, or manage assets for the division libraries they manage

Click a division name to view the assets in that specific division library

Set defaults for the divisions they manage, if given permission by the Primary Admin

Create surveys using the assets they have permission to use from the team library or division libraries they manage
View the assets from the team library and division library, if they are assigned to a division

Create surveys using the assets they have permission to use from the team library or division library
  • Division Libraries vs. Team Library
  • Navigating the Library
  • Setting Default Assets
  • Creating Surveys