Sharing Surveys in Facebook Messenger

Feature availability: The Facebook Messenger collector is available when your data is stored in the US or Canada.

You can create short and simple surveys and share them directly in Facebook Messenger. People take the survey by chatting with SurveyMonkey in Messenger. This means they don't have to leave Facebook to give you feedback, which can improve response rates.

1. Create your survey in SurveyMonkey

2. Chat with the SurveyMonkey bot and share the link to your survey

3. People take your survey in a Messenger chat

4. Access your survey, collector, or analyze your results in SurveyMonkey

You can log in to SurveyMonkey to create a simple survey from scratch using supported questions. Or, get your survey started with a Facebook Messenger template—you can edit the questions, delete them, or add your own.

The fewer questions you ask, the better the experience in Messenger. Surveys can have no more than 25 questions and use no more than 10 answer choices per question. Also, keep question text at 320 characters or less, keep answer choice text at 20 characters or less, and don't apply survey logic or special question settings.

TIP! To create a visual poll in Messenger, use the Multiple Choice question and add images as your answer choices.

Survey options and logic can cause errors in Messenger. To turn off any options or logic settings, check the following:

  • For each question in your survey, click the Edit tab and make sure to uncheck the settings in this tab and save.
  • For each question in your survey, click the Option tab and make sure to uncheck the settings in this tab and save.
  • In the Logic menu, turn off all survey logic. Changes are saved automatically.

You don't have to turn design settings off in the Options or Style menus, but Facebook controls the look and feel of Messenger, so settings applied here don't carry over.

You can share your survey in Messenger or use one of Facebook's sharing options.

No matter how you share the link, when people open it, they're sent to a Messenger chat with SurveyMonkey to take the survey.

To share the survey in Messenger:

  1. Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey.
  2. Choose Share in Messenger. If you already have a collector for your survey, select Facebook Messenger.
  3. Click Verify your survey to ensure it meets the design requirements. If you edit the survey after verifying it, you should re-verify it to make sure everything's still ok.
  4. Choose your collector options.
  5. Click Copy next to Share web link and share it in a direct message, or post it anywhere you'd like. When people open the link, they're sent to Messenger to take the survey.

You can follow any of the steps below to manage your survey, no matter if you created it in SurveyMonkey or Messenger.

If you used Messenger to create a survey in the past, we also save it in your SurveyMonkey account so you can view it or fix any typos. But if you're making edits to the survey, make sure to review the design guidelines.

We also create a Facebook Messenger collector for your survey in the Collect Responses section of your survey, where you can verify your survey and edit the collector options.

  • Verifying a Survey
  • Testing a Survey
  • Collector Options
  • Re-posting a Survey
  • Closing a Survey
  • Analyze Results
  • Unlinking Your Account
  • Notice
  • HIPAA-Enabled Accounts
  • Why does Messenger say my survey is closed?