Using Zapier with SurveyMonkey

The Zapier integration is available to customers on any data center.

Zapier allows you to integrate SurveyMonkey with hundreds of other apps to automate tasks in your workflow. You can use SurveyMonkey triggers, actions, and searches to:

  • Trigger each time a new complete survey response comes in
  • Trigger when your survey gets a certain kind of answer
  • Set up an action that sends a survey
  • Set up an action that adds a contact to your SurveyMonkey contact list

TIP! You can also set up instant or smart notifications in SurveyMonkey to customize how you get notified about new survey responses.

Below are some popular ways to use SurveyMonkey with Zapier.

  • Get Email Notifications for Every Complete Response
  • Send a Confirmation Email to Respondents
  • Add New SurveyMonkey Responses to a Google Sheets Spreadsheet
  • Create Mailchimp Subscribers from Survey Responses