You can find the total number of responses to your survey in your survey's Summary tab. A survey response is one survey taker's submission of a survey, whether they completed the survey or only partially completed it.

Responses are recorded in the Analyze Results section of your survey when survey takers click the navigation buttons in the survey.

  • Responses are recorded when a survey taker completes a page of the survey and clicks the Next button to continue to the next page.
  • Responses are recorded when a survey taker finishes the survey and clicks the Done button.

If a respondent clicks Next or Done and they haven't answered a required question or they haven't properly answered a question with validation, they will see an error message. Their responses won't be recorded until they answer the question and click Next or Done again.

In the Individual Responses tab of your survey results, each response will have one of the following statuses:

CompleteThe respondent answered all required questions they saw and clicked Done on the last page of the survey.
Incomplete or PartialThe respondent entered at least one answer and clicked Next on at least one survey page, but didn't click Done on the last page of the survey. The survey may be in progress or abandoned.
DisqualifiedThe respondent selected an answer option that disqualified them due to Skip Logic in the survey.
Over QuotaAt least one of the respondent's answer choices exceeded the chosen quota.

Respondents with complete responses may have skipped required questions in the survey due to logic in your survey design. Complete responses also include respondents who skip questions that weren't required.

TIP! While response statuses are not included in exports, you can filter your survey results by response status or completeness to export results by response status.