Using Salesforce Actions

Essentials feature: Available on Essentials, Pro, and Ultimate plans.

Set up Salesforce tasks and email alerts for your team to take immediate action on customer feedback. Use the Actions tab to set up conditions to trigger the creation of a custom email alert or Salesforce task. Set up more than one action to send an email and trigger a task using the same conditions.

From your survey, select Actions in the left-side menu to set up your Salesforce actions.

Create a Salesforce task to take action on your survey results. Use Actions to reach out to a prospect, or follow up with a customer that provided a low CSAT score. Assign the task to the right person on your team with their Salesforce user ID.

To create a task record in Salesforce:

  1. Name your action at the top of the screen.
  2. Add any conditions that will trigger the action. For example, only create a task record if the CSAT score was 3 or lower. You can trigger an action based on:
    • Answer to a question
    • Merge field value
    • Response language
  3. For the action, select Create a Task record in Salesforce.
  4. Enter the Salesforce user ID to assign the task to.
    • If you want to automatically assign tasks based on a merge field, select +Automate Assignment, then select the merge field. Enter a fallback user ID to use when the merge field doesn't have data.
  5. Enter a task description to use for each task
    • To use merge field data in the description, select +Personalize, then select the merge field to pull data from. Enter fallback text to use when the merge field doesn't have data.
  6. Enter the number of days after assigning the task to set the due date.
  7. Select Add Action to create more actions, if desired.
  8. Select Save Action.

You can create another task or send email or Slack notifications in your action.

From your action, select Add Action, then select the action you want to create. Learn more about email alerts or Slack notifications.