Our API for GetFeedback for Web and Apps lets you perform additional actions on our Feedback button. you can use the API to change the position, appearance, or trigger of your feedback buttons and forms.

The JavaScript API can only interact with the GetFeedback web buttons and forms. If you want to use the API in your own application, use data collection with GetFeedback or integrate GetFeedback data with another platform then check out our Public API.

To use our API calls, insert your command anywhere below the code for the original button widget as follows:

Image showing where you would enter your command for an API call.

Add custom variables

Custom variables add information that you collect about your user to your feedback items and campaign results. Add the API call below to your web page to include custom variables in your web forms. you can replace "server_name: s.server" with your own custom variable name and value. Learn more about custom variables.

Image showing the API command to add custom variables


Simulates a user clicking on the button. Once the click command has been triggered, the feedback process begins. This command allows you to trigger the feedback form from any element of your website.

Image showing command to simulate user clicking on button


Hides the button from view. By default, the button is shown, but calling this command prevents this.

image of javascript code for hiding the button command


Shows the button on the site. The button is shown by default, but show can make the button reappear after a hide.

Image of command which will show the button on the site


Allows you to specify which custom feedback form you would like to be shown.

Image of code command which will allow which custom feedback form will show.


Controls the depth of the feedback form interface on the web page. SetInterfaceZIndex lets you configure the form around other elements. To make the feedback form appear on top, make sure that the Z-index is higher than the Z-index of other elements on your website.

Image of command which controls the depth of feedback from interface on the web page.


Controls the depth of the button on the web page. setButtonZIndex lets you configure the button around other elements.

Image showing code that controls the depth of the button on the webpage


Allows you to add a script to the optional third option in your feedback form's introduction screen. Enable the script in the feedback form editor before installing this API call. When you add the option, make sure to first place the function you want to run into a variable.

Image of code that allows you to add script to the optional third option in your feedback form intro


When running GetFeedback Digital in a Single Page Application (SPA), you'll need to fire virtual pageviews to let GetFeedback Digital know that a user switched from one "page" to another. Learn more about GetFeedback for Single Page Applications.

Image showing virtualPageView API code.