Answer Options and Answer Values

When creating a web campaign survey, use descriptive and clear answer values to help you analyze results with ease.

If you add a closed question to your web campaign, you will need to define the answer options and their values. After adding a question to your form, select the question to edit it. Depending on the question type, you may need to add question or answer titles and values.

For Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, and Dropdown questions, you’ll need to add the question title and name, then add the title and value for each answer. For Matrix Rating questions, you’ll need to add the title and name for your question and for each answer option.

  • Title: The question or answer name. Respondents will see this title when completing your form.
  • Name or Value: The label that displays with your results in GetFeedback. Respondents won’t see the value. Use a value that will help you clearly analyze response data.

It’s not possible to set the name or value for NPS and Mood questions. NPS questions use the name NPS, and Mood questions use the name Mood.

Answer values are used as column headers on exports for your web or app campaign results. This allows you to export results from the same campaign in different languages and combine the results in one file.

You can also filter campaign results by answer values. For example, if you want to filter your campaign results based on a response given to a question, you can filter by that answer’s value.

To preserve your campaign’s structure and data integrity, you can’t change the question name or answer values after saving your campaign.Before you save your campaign form for the first time, we’ll ask you to confirm that you’re done creating your form.