Canceling or Deleting Your SurveyMonkey Account

Subscription Cancellation Policy

To ensure your access to paid features is never interrupted, paid plans are subscriptions that auto-renew by default. You can cancel auto-renew at any time to cancel your subscription.

Canceling auto-renew prevents your payment method from being charged at your next billing date, or if you pay by invoice, prevents your next invoice from being issued. Your current subscription (the time you already paid for) isn't affected, so you'll continue to be able to access and benefit from paid features until the plan downgrades on your next billing date.

If you're located in the European Union and upgraded a new account within the past 14 days, you may also want to review our European Union Subscription Cancellation Policy.

Canceling Auto-Renew

Follow the steps below to cancel your subscription if you have your own plan or if you're the Primary Admin of a team.

To cancel or disable auto-renew:

  1. Review the below info on Special Cancellation Cases in case they refer to you.
  2. Log in to your SurveyMonkey account.
  3. Click your username in the upper-right corner and select My Account.
  4. Click the Billing Details tab.
  5. Under the Billing Profile section, go to Auto-renew.
  6. Click the link next to the auto-renew setting to disable or cancel auto-renew and follow the steps. Make sure to review the cancellation terms and date your account will downgrade.

Switch to Invoicing Pay by Invoice to get an invoice to pay for your renewal instead of being charged automatically on your next billing date.

What happens when I downgrade?

When your plan downgrades, your plan type changes to Basic (our free plan). If you're canceling a team, all accounts will downgrade and the team will be dissolved.

Special Cancellation Cases

Outstanding Invoices

If you currently have an unpaid invoice, you won't see the option to cancel auto-renew. Please contact us to cancel your account.

Sales-Assisted Accounts

If you worked with our sales team to set up your account, please contact us to cancel your account.

HIPAA-Enabled Accounts

If you cancel a HIPAA-enabled account, we'll place your account into a suspended state at the end of your billing cycle. We'll retain the account for the period of time stated in the BAA to provide you with an opportunity to renew it. At the end of the suspension period, we'll close the account and delete all data in it.

iOS App Accounts

If you purchased a SurveyMonkey plan through the SurveyMonkey mobile app for iOS, billing is managed by Apple instead of SurveyMonkey. You'll need to cancel your subscription on their platform instead of in SurveyMonkey.

Deleting an Account

You can delete your own account, as long as you're not on a team. When you delete your account or an account in your team, the account is disabled immediately. You won’t be able to log in or access its content, invoices, or payment history. All data will be permanently removed from our system within 90 days.

To delete your account:

  1. Log in to your SurveyMonkey account on a desktop or laptop. You're not able to delete your account from the mobile site or our mobile app.
  2. Click your username in the upper-right corner and select My Account.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Permanently delete account.
  4. After reviewing the information, click all checkboxes and enter your password.
  5. Click Yes, delete this account to confirm.

If you're looking to exercise your right to be forgotten or to make a data deletion request under privacy laws, review our request process.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • I don’t know my password
  • I log in through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Office365
  • I can't click the confirmation button


We don't automatically refund you for any remaining time when you cancel a subscription or delete an account.

In most cases, canceling auto-renew before the end of your subscription means you'll have access to paid features until the end of your subscription term. If you only need a paid plan for a short amount of time, we offer a monthly plan. In accordance with our terms of services, when you cancel your subscription, previous charges won't be refunded unless legally required. Consumers in the European Union have refund rights described in our European Union Subscription Cancellation Policy. If you're located in another region where we're legally required to issue a refund on an early cancellation, or you have any questions about cancellations or refunds, please contact us.

If you delete your individual account, you'll lose access to paid time left in your plan. During the deletion process, you're asked to explicitly agree to forfeit the remaining time in your current paid subscription and acknowledge that you won't be refunded for this unused time.

If you delete an account on your team, you won't lose access to paid time left for their seat. Instead, their seat becomes available, and you can invite another person to the team at no additional cost.

Inactive Accounts

If you haven't logged into your free SurveyMonkey or SurveyMonkey Contribute account for more than 3 years we consider the account inactive and it will be permanently deleted.

Log into your account to maintain access—you may need to reset your password after a long period of inactivity.