Using Rules to Create Custom Reports

When analyzing your survey results, use Rules to create Views of your data that you can share. You can Filter, Compare, and Show results to see trends and patterns in your data.

To create a custom report:

1. Apply Rules to your data.

Highlight portions of your survey results using Rules:

  • Filter - Focus on a particular subset of your data based on certain criteria, like question and answer, respondent metadata, or group or department.
  • Compare - Select two or more answer choices for a given question to see a side-by-side comparison of how people who selected those answer choices answered the rest of the survey.
  • Show - Display only the results from certain questions of the survey.

2. Create a Saved View.

Views allow you to save a particular combination of Rules. To create a Saved View, click +Save As from the Saved Views section.

3. Customize your charts.

You can create custom charts to perfect the look and feel of your data before sharing.

4. Share your data.

Click the down arrow to the right of the Saved View and select Share view. This generates a link so you can share your survey results online. The display of your custom charts is saved, while the data updates in real time as you collect responses.

If you're done collecting responses and want to distribute reports offline, you can also export the survey results.

Use Rules to filter your data, then save Views to export or share.

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