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BETA FEATURE: Team Discovery is currently only available to some customers on Team Premier or Team Advantage plans.

Team Discovery helps people find existing SurveyMonkey teams from their company and makes it easier for Primary Admins to invite people to join their team.

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How It Works

2 Eligible Primary Admins control whether their team is discoverable or not

2 Eligible colleagues with an individual account can browse SurveyMonkey teams that already exist within their organization and request to join

2 The Primary Admin is notified of their colleagues' request and can choose to invite them to the team

2 Approved colleagues get an invitation to join the team, otherwise they can browse and request to join another team or start a new team


Turning Discovery On or Off

From the Team Summary, Primary Admins can control whether their eligible team can be discovered by colleagues with their same email domain.

If you don't see Discovery in your Team Details, your team isn't eligible.

To turn Discovery On or Off:

  1. Go to My Team.
  2. Under Team Details, click Edit next to Discovery.
  3. Choose On to allow others with the same email domain to find your team and request to join, or select Off to keep your team hidden.
  4. Click Save.

If you turn Discovery Off while there are pending requests, you can still invite the people who made those requests, but they won't be able to send you a reminder.

Update Your Team Name or Description

Your team name and description can help colleagues identify your team as the right one to request to join. You can update Name and Description anytime from the Team Summary.


Browsing Teams

To discover teams at your organization that are already using SurveyMonkey, you can Browse teams from My Account. You’ll see eligible teams, with Discovery On, that share your work email domain.

The team name, description, and Primary Admin's email address can help you identify the team that's right for you.

Request to Join a Team

To browse available teams and request to join:

  1. Log in and go to My Account.
  2. Go to the Account Details section.
  3. Click Browse teams. You may be prompted to verify your account email address before you can proceed. If you don't see Browse teams, your email domain or account isn't eligible to browse teams.
  4. Identify the team you want to join and click Request to join team.
  5. If you consent to share your name and email address with the team's Primary Admin, click Send request.

An email is sent to the Primary Admin to Invite or Delete your request. Your Account Details will update to show the requested team name and the status Pending.

You can only request to join 1 team and your request never expires. If you click Browse teams again, you can either:

  • Cancel request to continue browsing and request to join another team.
  • Send a reminder to the Primary Admin. You can only send one reminder.
Request approved

If your request to join the team is approved, you'll get an email with the option to Join team. If you choose to convert your account rather than create a new account for the team, be aware of what to expect if you convert your existing account.

Request denied

If your request to join a team is denied, you can return to Browse teams and request to join a different team.


Reviewing Requests to Join Your Team

When someone requests to join your team, the Primary Admin is notified by email. You can Review requests from the Manage Users tab and choose to Invite the requestor to your team or Delete the request.

To review requests to join your team:

  1. Go to My Team.
  2. Click Manage Users.
  3. Click Review requests to view the requestor's name and email address.
  4. Click Invite or Delete.
    • If you choose Invite, you're prompted to invite them to your team. The requestor's email address is auto-populated in the Full Access seat field. You can choose to update their seat type assignment or invite others to the team. You may be charged overages depending on whether you have seats available on your team.
    • If you choose to Delete the request, the requestor is sent an email notification that their request wasn't approved.

The Primary Admin can always manually invite people to the team, including people who were previously denied a pending request.

Why don't I see a pending request?

If you got an email notification that there's a request to join your team, but there are no pending requests in Manage users, then:

  • The requestor canceled their request, joined another team, or deleted their account, or
  • You already invited the requestor to your team



The Primary Admin and people browsing for a team need a verified account email address associated with their company or work. Also, the team must be in good financial standing with a credit card on file to be eligible.

We maintain a block list of email addresses, including publicly used domains, like gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc., which aren’t eligible for team Discovery. However, SurveyMonkey’s system may not include all possible publicly used domains.

Why am I not eligible?

Below are common reasons why you or your team or people browsing may not be eligible for Discovery:

  • The Primary Admin or person browsing needs a verified account email address
  • Your email address domain is a publicly used domain or is on our block list
  • The email of the Primary Admin or person browsing has been flagged for spam or is locked out
  • The team's subscription renewal is overdue or your payment hasn't processed yet
  • The team doesn't have an updated credit card on file
  • The team made payments via our mobile app or through the app store
  • The team has unpaid overages
  • There's no assigned Primary Admin of the team
  • The team stores its data in a regional data center
  • The team doesn't have a Team Premier or Team Advantage plan


Team Discovery helps people find existing SurveyMonkey teams from their company and makes it easier for Primary Admins to invite people to join their team.

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