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Mobile-Responsive Surveys

SurveyMonkey surveys are mobile responsive, and optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile resolutions on Android and iOS devices.

You can view our example survey and resize your browser window to see how all SurveyMonkey question types look on tablets and mobile devices.

Or, preview your survey and resize your browser window to see how your own survey looks at different resolutions.

If you apply certain layout or placement options to position answer choices or questions side by side, the layout may be adjusted if a user accesses your survey on a mobile device.

SurveyMonkey Mobile App

The free SurveyMonkey app for iOS and Android includes the essential features you need to create a survey, collect responses, and analyze results. It's a great tool for creating simple surveys, monitoring your active surveys, or turning your device into survey taking station with kiosk mode.

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To access the Help Center for the mobile app, click ´ in the upper left corner of the app and tap Help.

Best Practices: Creating Surveys for Mobile Devices

As you design your survey, keep in mind that many of your respondents may take the survey on their phone or tablet. It's important to consider how the survey will appear on a mobile screen, and how that can affect completion rates.

Review these best practices when designing a survey for mobile respondents:

  • Use simple multiple choice question types.
  • Be as focused and succinct as possible; avoid long descriptions.
  • Limit the number of answer options so that all choices are visible on the screen at the same time.
  • Limit your use of the Comment Box question. Open-ended question types have a negative impact on mobile survey completion rates.
  • Distribute questions over multiple, short pages—rather than creating just a few long pages.
  • If you add an image, keep in mind that mobile users' limited network download speed can cause the image to load slowly.

You can read more about the data behind these tips on our blog: How to Keep Your Survey Respondents Happy on Mobile

Download our free SurveyMonkey iOS app, see how our surveys respond to mobile, and learn best practices for creating surveys for mobile devices.

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