Respondents Skipped Required Questions

As respondents take a survey, we record their responses every time they click the Next button to advance to a new page in the survey. Questions that a respondent didn't answer are marked as skipped in the Analyze Results section.

Even if you make a question required to answer, you may see when analyzing your results that respondents have skipped the question. There are several ways this can happen:

Skip Logic Skipped the Respondent Past the Question

If you included Skip Logic in your survey design, you may be skipping respondents past required questions. Even if a respondent never reaches a question due to skip logic, the question will still appear in their individual response as skipped.

Respondent Exited the Survey Early

If a respondent exits the survey before clicking the Done button, they may never reach some of your required questions.

Respondent Took the Survey Before You Added the Required Question

If you added new required questions to your survey after you started collecting responses, the first respondents may not have seen those questions. View the time stamp of your first few individual responses to see when they were recorded.

When you analyze your results, you may see that some respondents skipped required questions. The respondent may have exited the survey early, skip logic may have skipped the respondent past the question, or the respondent may have taken the survey before you added the required question.

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