Sharing Surveys in Facebook Messenger

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How It Works

You can create short and simple surveys and share them directly in Facebook Messenger. People take the survey by chatting with SurveyMonkey in Messenger. This means they don't have to leave Facebook to give you feedback, which can improve response rates.

2 Create your survey in Messenger or in SurveyMonkey

2 Share the link to your survey

2 People take your survey in a Messenger chat

2 Access your survey, collector, or analyze your results in SurveyMonkey


Creating a Survey

Before you get started, choose where you want to create your survey—in Messenger or in SurveyMonkey. No matter where you build it, you'll be able to share your survey in Messenger, and you can find and edit your survey in SurveyMonkey at any time.

If you're creating a survey in SurveyMonkey, make sure to review the question types and settings that are supported.

Steps for Messenger

To create a survey in Messenger, just chat with the SurveyMonkey bot. Bots for Messenger are a bit like smartphone apps—companies can build bots for Messenger that do all sorts of things, like place take-out orders, confirm reservations at a hotel, or send receipts from a recent purchase. The SurveyMonkey bot makes it possible for people to create, share, and take surveys in Messenger.


Adding Questions

To add questions:

  1. Open Messenger and start a chat with SurveyMonkey. Tap Get Started. The bot will chat right back and guide you through the steps.
  2. You may be prompted to sign in to SurveyMonkey from within Messenger.
  3. Tap Create a Survey.
  4. Enter a survey name.
  5. Tap the question type you want to add.
    • For an Open Ended question, type in the question text and hit enter.
    • For a Multiple Choice question, type in the question text and hit enter. Then add answer choices—separated by commas—and hit enter.
    • For a Rating question, type in the question text and hit enter. Then choose the rating scale for your question and choose the symbol you prefer.
    • For a Net Promoter Score question, tap the option you want to evaluate.
  6. When you're done adding questions, choose I'm done creating from the menu. Or you can Preview or Edit the question you just created.

Adding an Introduction, Starting Over, or Sharing

After you're done creating, you've got some more options:

  • Add an introduction: This is your chance to let people know what the survey's about when they open it up.
  • Start over from scratch: This is a good option if you made a mistake and want to start over with a new survey. If you start over, the old survey is saved in your SurveyMonkey account.
  • I'm ready to share: This finalizes your survey and gives you a link to share.
TIP! To edit your survey, log in to your SurveyMonkey account and manage your survey.

Error Messages & Character Limits

If you enter text and see an error message, we'll do our best to explain what caused the error in the chat. Just enter new text to replace the text that wasn't supported.

The fewer questions you ask, the better the experience in Messenger. Use no more than 10 answer choices per question, keep question text at 640 characters or less, and keep answer choice text at 20 characters or less.

If you're having issues creating surveys in Messenger, make sure you have the latest Messenger app installed, delete your chat conversation, and try again.
Steps for SurveyMonkey

Log in to SurveyMonkey and create a simple survey from scratch using supported questions. Or, get your survey started with a Facebook Messenger template—you can edit the questions, delete them, or add your own.

Be Short and Simple

The fewer questions you ask, the better the experience in Messenger. Use no more than 10 answer choices per question, keep question text at 640 characters or less, keep answer choice text at 20 characters or less, and don't apply survey logic or special question settings.

Use Supported Questions

Only Multiple Choice, Single Textbox, Comment Box, Net Promoter® Score, Text, Image, and Star Rating questions work in Messenger.

TIP! To create a visual poll in Messenger, use the Multiple Choice question and add images as your answer choices.

Turn Off Survey Options and Logic

Survey options and logic can cause errors in Messenger. To turn off any options or logic settings, check the following:

  • For each question in your survey, click the Edit tab and make sure to uncheck the settings in this tab and save.
  • For each question in your survey, click the Option tab and make sure to uncheck the settings in this tab and save.
  • In the @ Logic menu, turn off all survey logic. Changes are saved automatically.

You don't have to turn design settings off in the Options or ¿ Appearance menus, but Facebook controls the look and feel of Messenger, so settings applied here don't carry over.


Sharing a Survey

You can copy the web link and share it in Messenger or using one of Facebook's sharing options.

No matter how you share the link, when people open it, they're sent to a Messenger chat with SurveyMonkey to take the survey.

Read the section below that matches where you created your survey for more info.

Steps for Messenger

When you're done creating your survey, choose I'm ready to Share from the menu to get the web link. Copy the link and share it in a direct message, or post it anywhere you'd like.

You can find this link again by searching your SurveyMonkey chat history in Messenger, or by managing your survey in SurveyMonkey.

Steps for SurveyMonkey



Getting Your Web Link

To share the survey in Messenger:

  1. Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey.
  2. Choose Share in Messenger. If you already have a collector for your survey, select Facebook Messenger.
  3. Verify your survey to ensure it meets the design requirements. If you edit the survey after verifying it, you should re-verify it to make sure everything's still ok.
  4. Choose your collector options.
  5. Copy and share a web link to your survey. When people open the link, they're sent to Messenger to take the survey.
There's currently an issue with the image attachment that pops up automatically (looks like this on desktop and looks like this on mobile) in Facebook when you paste the web link into a post. If someone clicks or taps the image attachment from their news feed, the survey won't open in Messenger. Please remove the image attachment from your post so people will click the link from the text of your post instead.


Managing a Survey

You can follow any of the steps below to manage your survey, no matter if you created it in SurveyMonkey or Messenger.

When you chat with SurveyMonkey to create a survey in Messenger, we also save it in your SurveyMonkey account so you can view it or fix any typos. But if you're making edits to the survey, make sure to review the design guidelines.

We also create a Facebook Messenger Collector for the survey (found in the Collect Responses section of your survey), where you can verify your survey and edit the collector options.

Verifying a Survey

Before you share your survey, verify it in your collector to make sure it's optimized for Messenger. Verifying ensures that the survey is short, simple, and contains no design or logic capabilities that won't work in or will have problems in Messenger. Check out the design requirements.

TIP! If you need to use specific questions or settings in your survey that don't work in Messenger, try a sending the survey with a different collector type.
Testing a Survey

When you share a survey in Messenger, the survey-taking experience all takes place right in Messenger, so preview mode in SurveyMonkey doesn't show you how the survey will look.

To test how the survey works in Messenger:

  1. Follow the steps for sharing in SurveyMonkey.
  2. Paste the web link into a direct message to yourself.
  3. Open your Messenger account and take the survey.
  4. When you're done, delete your response in SurveyMonkey.
Collector Options

Within your Facebook Messenger Collector, you'll see a few collector options. These options work a little differently in Messenger than they do for other collector types, and some common ones aren't available.

Options Available

  • Instant Results: Show people the latest results when they finish the survey. Instant Results can only display Multiple Choice questions—responses to Single Textbox or Comment Box questions don't display. This option is turned on by default.
  • Cutoff Date and Time: Close your survey at a certain date and time. Once the date is reached, people will see a survey expired message in Messenger. It's not possible to customize this message.
  • Response Limits: Close your survey after you receive a certain number of responses. Once the limit is reached, people will see a survey expired message in Messenger. It's not possible to customize this message.
  • Make Anonymous: Hide the respondent's Facebook first and last name so it's not associated with results.

Options Not Available

  • Multiple Responses: These are turned on and it's not possible to turn off Multiple Responses. If someone who's already completed the survey opens it again, they can submit a new response. If they haven't completed the survey yet, they'll have to complete the survey before they can take it again.
  • All other options not listed are not available for Facebook Messenger Collectors.
Re-posting a Survey

You can re-send the survey to your Facebook friends or re-post the link to the survey at any time—you don't need to create a new Facebook Messenger collector.

To re-post the survey:

  1. Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey in SurveyMonkey.
  2. Click the name of your existing Messenger collector.
  3. Copy the link and share your survey.
Closing a Survey

If you decide you don't want respondents to be able to access or take the survey anymore, you can close the Facebook Messenger collector you created when sharing the survey.


Survey Results, Data & Privacy

Analyze Results

All responses are stored in the Analyze Results section of your survey in SurveyMonkey. Each response is associated with the respondent's first and last name from Facebook to help you track responses.

Privacy Policy

Each response is associated with the respondent's first and last name from Facebook. At this time, you can't make the survey anonymous. To understand how SurveyMonkey handles respondents' personal information, please review our Privacy Policy.

Since people are taking the survey in Messenger, Facebook may have access to the responses—please see Facebook's Data Policy for additional information.

HIPAA-Enabled Accounts

If you have a HIPAA-enabled account, it's not possible to share surveys in Messenger. This is to make sure all data remains secure and in SurveyMonkey. If you share a survey in Messenger and then enable HIPAA in your account, we'll permanently close all Messenger collectors and unlink your accounts if they were linked.


Common Questions

Why does Messenger say my survey is closed?

Messenger says your survey’s closed for one of these reasons:

  • The survey doesn't meet the design requirements and the survey isn't optimized for Messenger.
  • The survey owner closed the collector.

If you want to open your survey on Messenger, verify the survey, make sure the collector status is open, and check that the collector options aren’t closing your survey.

Why is the SurveyMonkey Bot stuck?

If the SurveyMonkey chatbot gets stuck or keeps saying error occurred, delete your chat conversation and make sure you're using the most recent version of Messenger.

To delete your chat:

  1. Go to your conversation with the SurveyMonkey Bot.
  2. Click on to the right of the bot name.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Select Delete to confirm.


You can create a survey for people to take in Messenger. People chat with the SurveyMonkey bot to answer the survey questions, and the results are recorded in your SurveyMonkey account.

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