Exporting Survey Results

PAID FEATURE: You need a paid plan to export survey results.

You can export survey data to download an offline copy of your survey results. We have several example exports available to help you choose the export format that's right for you. See example exports »

If your survey has more than 100,000 responses or the total number of respondents multiplied by questions equals over 100,000, only CSV exports are available.

To export all survey results:

  1. Go to the Analyze Results section of your survey.
  2. Click Save As at the top of the page.
  3. Click Export file.
  4. Select an export type: All summary data, All responses data, or All individual responses.
  5. Choose an export format, select your export options, and click Export.
  6. Under EXPORTS in the left sidebar, click the export to download the file to your computer. Exports are stored here for 14 days.

The file you download may be a compressed file, commonly known as a ZIP. After you decompress or unzip the file, you can open the files containing your survey results.

TIP! If you'd like to get a glimpse of the different ways to export your results, scroll down the page to watch our helpful video!

Summary Data

Summary Data exports give you a presentation-ready overview of your survey results by question, known as question summaries. There are several formats available:


Summary Data PDF exports have eye-catching custom charts and data tables, making it really easy to share or present your results as soon as you have them—no additional calculations needed.

Learn more about PDF exports »


Summary Data PPT exports are formatted for PowerPoint. The slides are presentation-ready, organized by question with the same custom charts and data tables you see in the Question Summaries tab when analyzing your results.

Learn more about PPT exports »


Summary Data XLS exports are formatted for Excel. The spreadsheet contains a data table summary for each question, with charts included. We calculate response counts and percentages for you.

Learn more about XLS exports »


Summary Data CSV exports can be used in many different analytics software, like Excel or Numbers. This export type is useful if you're sharing data with people who don't have the same software you do. The spreadsheet includes response counts and response percentages, but tables and charts are not included.

Learn more about CSV exports »

Responses Data

Responses Data exports let you see how each respondent answered the survey. This export type is also good if you want raw data to create charts or do analysis on your own. There are several formats available:


Responses Data XLS exports are formatted for Excel. The spreadsheet organizes all individual responses on separate rows. Questions are grouped by column to make it easy for you to perform your own analysis.

Learn more about XLS exports »


Responses Data PDF exports download the same information and display you see in the Individual Responses tab. This is the best way to view the individual responses for particular respondents.

Learn more about PDF exports »


Responses Data SPSS exports are widely used in areas such as market research, health research, government, and education research. This export contains a .SAV file which requires special software to open.

Learn more about SPSS exports »

Individual Responses

The same export formats are available for all individual responses. You can also export a single Individual Response as a PDF by clicking Export next to the response in the Individual Responses tab.

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Export survey data to download an offline copy of your survey results. There are several export formats: PDF, PPT, XLS, CSV, and SPSS

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