Get notified when someone submits your form (new entries) or when a user in your Wufoo account adds a comment to an entry (new comments). You need to set up notifications for each form in your account separately.

To set up notifications for your form:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. To the right of the form:
    • If you're using legacy Wufoo, click Edit, then click Add notifications.
    • If you're using the new Wufoo experience, click the More icon, then click Notifications.
EmailGet email notifications.
RSS FeedsSubscribe to your form using an RSS feed.
IntegrationSet up different types of notifications and triggers by using one of our integrations. For example, if you have an event registration form, you can add registrants to a list in an email marketing tool. Or if you have an order form, you can add your customers to a customer relationship management tool.

You can also set up confirmation emails in your form settings or use Form Rules to trigger an email after someone submits your form.