Chatting with SurveyMonkey in Messenger

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SurveyMonkey is an easy-to-use online tool where anyone can create and send surveys. Survey creators can use a feature that lets themsend a survey directly to you in Messenger, or they can post a public link you might see in your news feed. Clicking the survey link from one of these messages or posts opens a chat with SurveyMonkey in Messenger where you take the survey.

Taking surveys in Messenger is easy, and the SurveyMonkey bot will walk you through it. But just in case, here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  • For multiple-choice questions, just choose an answer. If you're taking the survey on the Messenger desktop app, you'll see the Get Started button and answer options for each question at the very bottom of the screen, right above where you type a message.
  • For textbox questions, type in your answer and hit enter. You'll know it's a textbox question if you don't see any answer options to select.
  • If you didn't finish taking a survey within a couple hours, you'll see the option to continue the survey if you re-open your chat.
  • You can take the survey multiple times—all you need to do is click or tap the survey link again. If you haven't finished taking the survey, you'll need to complete it before you can take it again.
  • Your past responses are stored in your chat history with the SurveyMonkey bot, but you're not able to edit them. You can delete responses from your chat history, but that doesn't delete responses from SurveyMonkey.
  • If you see an error message when you open the survey or when you reach a particular question, you'll want to reach out to the survey owner. The survey might be expired or closed, or there may be an issue with the survey design.

The SurveyMonkey bot makes it possible for people to share and take surveys in Messenger. Bots for Messenger are a bit like smartphone apps—companies can build bots for Messenger that do all sorts of things, like place take-out orders, confirm reservations at a hotel, or send receipts from a recent purchase.

If you're chatting with SurveyMonkey in Messenger and answering questions, it's likely someone in your Facebook network shared a survey in Messenger. Depending on your Facebook privacy settings, survey creators can send a survey directly to you in Messenger, or they can post a public link you might see in your news feed.

If you're taking a survey in Messenger, your response is recorded in the survey creator's SurveyMonkey account, and it's associated with your first and last name from Facebook. At this time, the survey creator can't make the survey anonymous. To understand how SurveyMonkey handles respondents’ personal information, please review our Privacy Notice.

Since you're taking the survey in Messenger, Facebook may have access to your responses—please see Facebook's Data Policy for additional information.