Word Cloud

Paid feature
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A word cloud is a visual representation of the most common words and phrases from your open-ended responses.

If you have data stored in our Canadian Data Center, this feature isn't available. You can see if this applies to you by checking your Account Details.

Word cloud image with words of various sizes about sports.

A word cloud shows common important words and phrases survey-takers write in open-ended responses. Each phrase in a word cloud can be between 1-5 words.

The word cloud can identify singular and plural words, tense variation, and other similar words and phrases, then groups them together to display as a single word. For example, if the words "read," "reads," and "reading" appear in your responses, the word cloud might group them together to display as "read".

The word cloud also excludes some common words to highlight the important words in your responses. For example, if 100 people responded "I like dogs," we'll identify "dogs" as the important word.

  • Excluded words
  • Available languages

To view a word cloud:

  1. Go the the Analyze Results section of your survey.
  2. Scroll to a question with text responses.
  3. Click the Word Cloud tab.
  4. Toggle between Cloud View or List View.

To see all of the responses associated with a word or phrase, just click on it. You can also see how many times a word or phrase was mentioned and the response percentage in List View, or by hovering over a word in Cloud View.

Response percentage is the percentage of responses the word or phrase was found in (# of occurrences ÷ # of responses). Percentages can add up to more than 100% because a word or phrase can have multiple mentions in a single response.

PAID FEATURES: Word customization features and are only available on some paid plans.

You can customize how your word cloud looks and what words are included. Any changes you make to your word cloud won't affect your survey responses.

  • Changing the Color
  • Changing the Font
  • Adjusting Word Frequency
  • Hiding Words
  • Combining Words


Paid feature
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You can export a word cloud as a PNG image file. Any customizations applied to your word cloud will not be included in the export.

To export a word cloud:

  1. Go to the Analyze Results section of your survey, and scroll to a question with text responses.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the question, click Save As.
  3. Select Export file.
  4. Click Word cloud.
  5. (Optional) Edit the File name.
  6. Click Export.
  7. In the Exports in the left sidebar, click the name of your export to download the file to your computer. Exports are stored here for 14 days.