Getting Text Message Invitations


Getting Text Message Invitations

To take a survey sent via a text message, tap the link in the text to open the survey in a mobile browser.

Who sent this survey?

A SurveyMonkey user sent you a text message invitation to take a survey. The sender is required to include their company name in the text message.

SurveyMonkey offers various ways to send surveys through email, web link, text message, and more.

How did you get my phone number?

SurveyMonkey users provide their own list of phone numbers. We ask all users to confirm they have permission to contact these phone numbers before they're able to send text message invitations and require that they include their company name to identify themselves.

How do I opt out?

To opt out, reply STOP, in any survey language, to the original text message invitation. This global opt out unsubscribes you from all future texts from SurveyMonkey users.

How do I opt back in?

To opt back in to receiving text messages sent through SurveyMonkey, text START, in any survey language, to 296-93.

How can I report spam or abuse?

All surveys should comply with our Acceptable Uses Policy. If you're concerned a message you received through SurveyMonkey could be spam, please contact us to report a complaint.