Managing Surveys

Use the My Surveys page to organize and manage your surveys. Click . to the right of any survey to access more options.

WGo to the Design Survey section of the survey to preview your survey design, edit questions, or edit the theme.
VGo to the Collect Responses section of the survey to send your survey or manage existing collectors. If the icon is grey, it means there are no open collectors on the survey.
ÜGo to the Analyze Results section to view and analyze your results. If the icon is grey, it means you have no access to the Analyze Results section.
¥ Share this survey with others.
Remove surveyRemove a shared survey from your account. The survey remains in the survey owner's account.
Clear responsesDelete responses from your survey.
Send a copySend a copy of your survey design to a different SurveyMonkey account.
Transfer surveyTransfer the entire survey and its responses to a different SurveyMonkey account—removing it from your account.
Create templateCreate a template from this survey design and add it to your Library so members of your team can use it to create new surveys.
Delete surveyDelete the survey.


Modified Date

By default, surveys are ordered by the last modified date, with the most recently modified survey at the top. Click the MODIFIED column header to sort the surveys from oldest to newest instead.

The following actions "modify" a survey:

  • A respondent submits a new response
  • You edit the survey in the Design Survey section

You can also view the date each survey was created under the survey title. At this time, there is no way to sort surveys by the date they were created.


In the Responses column, you can see how many responses your survey has collected so far. Click the response count to go directly to the Analyze Results section to view the responses.

If the My Surveys page says you have ≥1 response, it means you have no access to the Analyze Results section.


Use the search bar to search for a survey by Survey Title or Nickname. The search bar does not search the content of surveys or responses.

Page Navigation

Use the page navigation buttons to browse through all of your surveys.

I<Go to the first page of surveys
<Go to the previous page of surveys
>Go to the next page of surveys
>IGo to the last page of surveys

TIP! Click a survey's title to go a survey summary—a general overview of the design, response count, and overall survey status.