Integrate AB Tasty and GetFeedback for Web to gain deeper insights to your customer’s website experience.

To identify which test variant a visitor sees, push your AB Tasty test variant IDs to GetFeedback through custom variables.

AB Tasty stores tests and test variants in the JavaScript object "ABTasty". To find the testID of any A/B test active on a page, run the function ABTasty.getTestsOnPage().

Running ABTasty.getTestsOnPage() will show the testID, variationID and name variables of the current test. These variables can be pushed to GetFeedback by adding a JavaScript snippet to the GetFeedback code on your webpage.

  • ABTasty.getTestsOnPage(testID)[testID].variationID
  • ABTasty.getTestsOnPage(testID)[testID].name

After implementing the custom variables, GetFeedback for Web feedback items and campaign results from a page running an A/B test, will display the test variant ID.

With test variant IDs, you can filter and segment feedback items and campaign results to compare feedback from different test variants and see which one your users' prefer.

Pushing test variant IDs to GetFeedback Digital also lets you show a survey to users in a specific test variant. Learn more about setting up campaign targeting.

When a user has left feedback or responded to a campaign, you can push those results to AB Tasty. In AB Tasty, you'll then be able to view the feedback data from GetFeedback with the AB Tasty reporting suite.

This lets you follow up on feedback in real-time or in later sessions. For example, if a visitor files a bug report through GetFeedback, you’ll be able to inform the user about the fix during their next session.

Pushing user feedback to AB Tasty works the same way as adding GetFeedback data to your data layer. Using setEventCallbacks, you can trigger a data push to AB Tasty every time a user leaves feedback while AB Tasty is active on the webpage. Send your GetFeedback feedback and campaign data to AB Tasty using this snippet:

_abtasty.push(["cv","key", "value"]);