Request and apply custom themes to make your web buttons, forms, and campaigns match your brand or website.

You can request a custom theme through the GetFeedback customization form.

GetFeedback's customization team will create the new design and upload it to your account. Once we upload your design, you can apply the theme to your buttons, forms, and campaigns.

You can also create your own button theme using the Button Creator.

Once GetFeedback has created your custom theme, you can apply your theme to your button, web form, or campaign. As soon as you save your changes, your theme is applied to your form or button.

To apply a theme to a button:

  1. Under Buttons & Forms, select Setup.
  2. Find the button to edit, then select Options > Edit button.
  3. Under Custom buttons, select the theme to use.

To apply a theme to a feedback form:

  1. Under Buttons & Forms, select Setup.
  2. Find your button, then select Edit Feedback Form.
  3. Sect Advanced on the left side of the form. (You may need to scroll.)
  4. Under Theme, select your theme from the dropdown.
  5. Select OK to apply your theme.

To apply a theme to a campaign form:

  1. Under Campaigns, select Overview.
  2. Find your campaign, then select Edit.
  3. Select Advanced.
  4. Select a theme from the dropdown.
  5. Select OK to apply your theme.

Full screen surveys are popup campaigns that fill a respondent’s screen. You can also send full screen surveys using a link. Use your website as a background in your full screen survey to match it to your website.

To use a website as your full screen survey background:

  1. Create a new campaign. Select the Full screen survey option.
  2. In the form editor, select Advanced.
  3. Check the box to Use website as a background.
  4. Enter the website URL you want to use as a background.
  5. Select Ok.
  6. Finish building your campaign and save it.

Test your background after saving your campaign. To test your survey:

  1. Go to the Campaign Overview page.
  2. Select your full screen survey to view the details.
  3. Copy your Survey URL.
  4. Paste the survey URL into a new window so you can test your survey.

The survey should show your website as the background.


Not every website can be used as a Full Survey background. The web link you use will be loaded into an iframe. Some websites set an X-Frame-Options header, which prevents the website from being used in iframes as a security measure.

If you can't use your website as a background, you can upload an image and use that as a background. To use an image as a background, upload your image to an image hosting service and get a link to the image. Then, follow the steps above to insert the image link in your campaign.