Showing or Hiding Fields

Show or hide form elements in your web and app campaigns based on answers to previous questions. For example, you can choose to show a comment field only if someone submits a score of 6 or lower for an NPS question. You can combine visibility rules with page jump rules to create fully adaptive surveys.

To show or hide a question based on a previous answer, place your field or question after a closed question in your form. You can use the following closed questions in

  • NPS
  • Radio Button
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Checkboxes
  • Rating Questions

If there isn't a closed question before the field you want to hide, you won't be able to set up visibility controls.

To show or hide fields in a web or app campaign:

  1. Create or edit your web or app campaign. Add a closed question type, such as an NPS or Radio button question.
  2. Add a question or field to show or hide based on a previous answer.
  3. Select the gear icon for the question you want to show or hide.
  4. Under Control Visibility, set the rule for your question:
    • When: Choose the question that determines whether to show or hide a field.
    • Is: Choose the answer options that determine whether to show or hide a field.
    • State: Choose to show or hide this question when someone selects the answers you included in your rule.

You can set multiple visibility rules based on one more previous closed questions. Use the campaign preview to test your visibility rules before activating your form.