Preview and Draft Mode

Essentials feature: Available on Essentials, Pro, and Ultimate plans.

When building and editing your survey, use Draft and Preview modes to make sure your survey looks as expected before sending it. You can also use a draft link to test your survey before publishing it.

GetFeedback can only store 1 survey draft at a time. If you want to save a draft version of your survey, copy the survey. 

When you’re in draft mode, the Draft Survey tab displays in orange. To view your live survey, select the Live Survey tab. The Live Survey tab displays in dark green.

You can switch between your draft and live survey without deleting your changes in the survey builder.

While in draft mode, make any changes, such as adding new questions, deleting questions from the survey, and adding new language translations.

Use the draft link to test your survey before publishing and sharing it. You can also test mappings in your Salesforce sandbox to make sure that everything is working before publishing.

  1. Connect your Salesforce sandbox to GetFeedback.
  2. From your survey, select Mappings > Salesforce Custom Mappings or Mappings > Salesforce Managed Mappings.
  3. For Push draft survey results to, select your sandbox environment.
  4. Create mappings for your survey. When you test your survey, your responses will be mapped to your sandbox environment.

To test your draft survey:

  1. From your survey, select Distribute > Survey Link.
  2. Make sure you’re in the Draft Survey tab.
  3. Copy the survey link. Use this link to take a preview version of your survey.

See how your survey looks on a smartphone, tablet, and web browser.

To preview your survey for other devices, open your survey and select one of the preview buttons in the right-hand corner. You can preview your survey in a few different device sizes:

  • Mobile devices (landscape or portrait)
  • Tablets (landscape or portrait)
  • Desktop

You can also use the preview link to test your survey on different devices. From your survey, select Distribute > Survey Link, then copy the preview link. Use this link to access your survey from any device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

When you publish your draft, your draft settings override the live survey. If you tested your survey using the draft link, any draft responses will also be deleted when you publish your draft.

  • Publishing your changes isn’t reversible, and the draft will override your current live survey.
  • Discarding your changes isn’t reversible and permanently deletes your draft.