SurveyMonkey Audience Video Tutorials

SurveyMonkey Audience allows you to buy survey responses for any survey you create on SurveyMonkey. Our video tutorials will walk you through an example project—we'll give you best practices for designing your survey, show you how to choose the types respondents you're looking to hear from, and give you some tips for analyzing your results.

Example Project

A local coffee vendor is working on a new coffee drink concept that they'd like to release to market. Before investing extensive company resources to market, develop, and produce their coffee concept, they'd like to test the concept with potential consumers first to understand how the new concept will be received in the market.

The coffee vendor wants to hear from 200 respondents in the United States, both male and female, between the ages of 18-44, who consumed coffee in the past 30 days.

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Step 1: Designing Your Survey


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The following articles expand upon topics or features we talked about in this video:

What is covers
Designing a Survey for SurveyMonkey AudienceA must-read! All our survey design best practices and design requirements for SurveyMonkey Audience projects.
Applying Logic to a SurveyOur different logic options, like page randomization, skip logic, disqualification logic, and more.
Adding Text, Images & VideosFormatting text, adding images, adding videos, and more.
Question BankUsing Question Bank to add pre-written questions to your survey, from demographic questions to market research questions.
Survey TitlesWhere the survey title appears, how to give your survey a nickname, and how to hide the title from appearing to respondents.
Page TitlesAdding page titles and descriptions, and hiding page titles.


Step 2: Collecting Responses


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The following articles expand upon topics or features we talked about in this video:

What is covers
Buying Survey ResponsesHow to launch the survey—the steps you need to take to set up your Targeted Audience Collector, choose your targeting criteria, and purchase respondents.
SurveyMonkey Audience Targeting CriteriaHow to preview available targeting criteria and the demographic info included when you buy responses through SurveyMonkey Audience.
Calculating the Number of Respondents You NeedUsing our sample size calculator to figure out how many people to send your survey to, plus suggested sample sizes per margin of error.
SurveyMonkey Audience PricingHow pricing can change based on the number of respondents you need, targeting criteria, and the number of survey questions you have.
Ways to Send You SurveyHow to send your survey to your own respondents using a Web Link or another collection method, in addition to buying survey responses.
Monitoring Your SurveyMonkey Audience ProjectWhat happens after you buy your responses, what types of responses count towards to total number you purchased (disqualified respondents are not free), what happens if your project pauses due to a low completion rate.
SurveyMonkey Audience RespondentsWho's going to be taking the survey.


Step 3: Analyzing Results


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The following articles expand upon topics or features we talked about in this video:

What is covers
Viewing SurveyMonkey Audience ResultsMonitoring the status of your project and viewing responses to your survey in real time.
How to Analyze Survey ResultsThe different analysis tools we have to offer to filter and focus your results.
Using Rules to Create Custom ReportsHow to save views of your data and export or share them.
Customizing Charts & Data TablesAvailable chart types and display options.
Exporting Survey ResultsHow to download results to your computer as a PDF or an Excel file.


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