New Team Plans

We’re making some exciting improvements to SurveyMonkey Teams. Our new Team Advantage and Team Premier plans start at 3 users, and save you money when buying multiple accounts.

Collaboration features, like adding users, sharing surveys, and library, are moving to new team plans. This means at your renewal date, your account will either renew at the same price for one user account, or downgrade to a free plan. Or you can upgrade to a new team plan at any time!

2 Keep your current plan

You don't have to do anything to keep the same survey features you're using today at no change in price. As long as you keep auto-renew turned on, the only thing that's changing at your renewal is that you won’t be able to use team features and or add users without upgrading to a team plan. If you invite a user to your team without upgrading to a team plan between now and your renewal date, the user will be downgraded to the free plan when your account renews.

If auto-renew is turned off, your account will downgrade to a free plan at your renewal date. This means you won’t be able to use paid features, and any discounts applied to your account will expire.

2 Upgrade to a Team

If you work with multiple people on surveys, team plans are the easiest and most secure way to collaborate since each person gets their own unique login and password.

If you contact us to upgrade today, you can save 15% or more per user compared to an individual plan.

Keep your current plan, or upgrade to a new team plan.

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