Purchase Orders

Adding a Purchase Order Number

You can add a purchase order number to a SurveyMonkey invoice. Organizations find this helpful for administrative purposes, but please note it doesn’t constitute our acceptance of the purchase order terms and conditions, and any such terms are void.

Upgrading From a Free Plan

To add a purchase order number on the checkout page:

  1. Go to the Billing Details section.
  2. Click Add business information.
  3. Fill in the Purchase Order Number field.

Renewing or Upgrading a Paid Plan

If you currently pay by invoice, you can add a purchase order number to your account:

  1. Go to your Billing Details.
  2. Check your next billing date. If it’s more than 45 days away, the number you add will be included on your renewal invoice.
  3. Scroll to the Payment Information section.
  4. Add or update your purchase order number.

If you need to add a purchase order number for an upcoming payment but don’t see this option in your account, pay by invoice instead.

Adding a Purchase Order Number to an Invoice

We can add a purchase order number to an invoice that’s already been issued, as long as it hasn’t been paid. Just contact us with the purchase order number and your SurveyMonkey invoice number.

Making a Payment

We’re not able to process payments when people send us purchase orders directly. Instead, you can pay for the account with common payment methods, like credit card or wire transfer. If you're paying by invoice, payment options and bank information you can use to send us payment are listed right there on the invoice.

If you need a document with our bank details to complete a purchase order at your organization, choose to pay by invoice or download a vendor form.

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