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Account Verification

COMING SOON! Later this year, we’re introducing account verification to help keep your account and data more secure. This will change the way you log in.


How it Works

Account verification adds an extra layer of security since no one can access your account without your username and password—plus a special code that's only sent to your email.

After you enter your username and password, we’ll send a code to the email on file for your account. Just enter the code to finish logging in. You won’t need to do this every time you log in—only when we recognize a new browser or device.

You can verify your account on any two browsers or devices so you can easily log in to SurveyMonkey at work or at home. If you need to access SurveyMonkey on a new browser or device, no problem. You'll be able to manage browsers and devices directly in your account.


How to Prepare

2 Verify your email address

We'll be sending security codes to the email address on file for your account. Make sure you can get emails from us so you can log in seamlessly.

To verify your email address:

  1. Go to My Account.
  2. Under Login Details, make sure the email listed there is the best one to reach you at.
  3. Check the verification status below your email address. If it says Not Verified, click Resend Email. Otherwise, you’re all set!
  4. If you’re having issues, learn more about verifying your email.

2 Update your password

It's always a good idea to change your password at least every 90 days to protect access to your surveys and data. Read our password tips to help keep your account secure.


Are other people using your account?

One person per account

To keep accounts and data secure, everyone you're working with should have their own username and password. We have some great, secure ways you can continue to work with others on surveys, whether they have a free plan or they're a part of your team plan.

If you're currently sharing a SurveyMonkey account with someone, you have two options:

  • Ask people you're working with to create their own account. They can sign up for a free Basic plan today to use commenting and shared data.
  • Upgrade to a team plan to unlock all collaboration features. You can continue to work together the same way you do today—plus each person in the team can control who can view, edit, send, or analyze each survey in their account.

Collaboration features

Any plan
Team plans
CommentingSend anyone a link to view and comment on your surveys and results.
Shared dataMake public or private links to survey results.
Sharing surveysControl who has permission to view, edit, send, or analyze each survey..
LibraryWork from shared a library of survey templates, images, and themes.
Consolidated billingManage users and billing all in one place.
Team managementInvite people to your team and keep track of who in your company has an account.
Team discountsSave money on multiple accounts.
Data ownershipKeep data in company hands if someone changes jobs or leaves the organization.

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