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Respondents Can't Complete My Survey

First, make sure the survey link you sent out is correct. Links are character and case sensitive, so an extra space or a lower-case letter in place of an upper-case letter could break the link.

  • If you're using a Web Link Collector, click its nickname from the Collect Responses section of your survey—the correct link is at the top of the page.
  • If you're using an Email Invitation Collector, the correct unique link is sent automatically when you send the message.

Common Issues

Respondents see a message saying they've already taken the survey
  • Check to see if you have Multiple Responses turned on or off. It's possible some respondents are using the same computer to complete the survey. You need to turn on Multiple Responses to account for this.
  • Check to see if have Response Editing on or off. It's possible the respondent already submitted a survey and is trying to make edits.
  • If you used Email Invitation, respondents may be forwarded a link from someone else. Email Invitation Collectors can only record one response per email address, so you need to add new recipients.

If you make edits to a collector, respondents just need to click the link you already sent to access the survey. The URL doesn't change, so you don't need to send a new link.

Respondents are asked to log in to SurveyMonkey

Check to see if your collector has Multiple Responses turned on or off. If you only allow one response per computer, respondents might be sent to a SurveyMonkey webpage if they try to access your survey again. This page thanks them for taking the survey and provides information about our site. If they click a link to create a survey or take a SurveyMonkey Contribute survey, they may be asked to log in to SurveyMonkey.

Respondents see a different survey, not mine

If respondents mention anything about being asked how much soda they drink, how often they watch TV, or their income levels or political leanings, then they probably clicked on a link for for our Contribute program. 

Respondents can see the Contribute ad in the following situations:

  • Your collector has Multiple Responses turned off and the respondent already took your survey.
  • A respondent is forwarded a link from someone else's email invitation—Email Invitation Collectors can only record one response per email address.

You can edit the Survey End Page to redirect respondents to any URL after completing the survey. This prevents respondents from being sent to our Contribute page.

You can create a Custom Thank You so respondents know when your survey is done.

Respondents can't move forward in the survey

If you included Skip Logic in your survey design, there may be logic on a question or page that is directing respondents backwards in the survey. You'll need to edit your survey design to fix the problem. Be sure to only skip respondents forward in a survey or it can create an endless loop.

After you edit the design of a live survey, respondents taking your survey at that time may be looped back to the start as your survey refreshes. However, respondents will just need to click the link you already sent to access the updated survey. The URL doesn't change, so you don't need to send a new link.

Respondents see a message saying the survey is closed

Check to see if you turned on Cutoff Date and Time or Response Limits. If the date has passed or the response count has been reached, respondents won't be able to access your survey. You can edit the closed message or turn these settings off.

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