Under the Design Survey tab, you can add questions, pages, and additional content to your survey from the BUILDER section of the left sidebar.

Simply drag and drop any of the following elements directly onto your survey, or click to add them to the end of the survey.


Questions are used to collect data from your respondents. When you add a question, the editing options will open automatically, allowing you to change the question text and answer choices, change the question settings, or add logic. Once you save your changes, you can click the question at any time to edit it again.

Even if you're starting from a template, you can still add your own questions to the survey to make it your own.

Learn more: Question Types


You can use pages in your survey to help organize and break up a long list of questions. This makes it easier for your respondents to take the survey, which means more accurate data for you.

Learn more: Adding and Managing Pages


Add static content like instructions or information to your survey. This is a great way to add details and context for your respondents.

Learn more: Inserting Additional Text


Add images to your survey. You can either set the link to the image on your own server or upload an image to SurveyMonkey for us to host on our servers.

Learn more: Adding Images

A/B Tests (Random Assignment)*

A/B Tests allow you to randomly display different versions of text or images and set the percentages of your respondents that will be shown each variation.

Learn more: A/B Tests (Random Assignment)

* These items are static, meaning they do not collect any data from the user.

TIP! Learn about more survey design features in our full tutorial: How to Create a Survey
The Builder section of the left sidebar allows you to add questions, pages and other elements into your survey.

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