Export Won't Download or Open

Enable Pop-ups

If you have pop-up blockers enabled, you may see a warning from your browser asking you if you'd like to allow the pop-up. You need to allow the pop-up to download the export.

Decompress the File

The file you download may be a compressed file, commonly known as a ZIP. After you decompress or unzip the file, you can open the files containing your survey results. If you're using a Windows computer, try using WinZip. If you're on a Mac, try using StuffIt Expander.

Disable Anti-Virus Software

If you have anti-virus software enabled, this may interfere with your download and cause a message saying, "file is corrupt." You may need to disable the software to download the export.

Grant Access to SurveyMonkey Subdomains

If you are behind a firewall that blocks access to all traffic except for certain domains, you may need to add SurveyMonkey's subdomains to download the export.

Read this article if you're having issues downloading or opening your export. You may need to enable pop-ups, disable anti-virus software, or add SurveyMonkey domains to your allow list so they are not blocked by your firewall.

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